Why Effective Mosquito Control Is So Important For Your Atlanta Property

We don't need to tell you that mosquitoes are irritating pests that leave itchy wounds on your skin, and we don't have to convince you that this is more than enough reason to rid your yard of mosquitoes. But effective mosquito control isn't easy, and you might like to know what you could be doing wrong so you can fix it. If so, we have some great information to share with you. Our on-staff experts have put together some essential facts about why effective mosquito control is so important, what you can do to keep mosquitoes away from your yard, and how Atlanta mosquito control experts deal with these pests. You're not going to find fluff here. We'll dig deep into this topic today. Everything we share will pertain to effective mosquito control, what works best, and why it works. As always, we want to let you know that you don't have to read a long article about mosquitoes to get relief from these pests. You can jump to our contact page and reach out to us for immediate assistance. With that said, let's get started. 

The Life Cycle Of A Mosquito

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There are four stages of mosquito development: egg, larvae, pupae, and adult. You can stop mosquito development at any stage.

  • You can remove stagnant water to prevent female mosquitoes from laying eggs.
  • You can pour stagnant water out on the ground to destroy mosquito larvae and pupae.
  • You can use deterrents to get rid of mosquitoes or to keep mosquitoes from entering your yard.

These methods can help you deal with mosquitoes in Atlanta, but is it the best way to repel mosquitoes and keep your yard free of mosquito activity? Sadly, the answer is no. We're not saying you shouldn't take these steps to reduce mosquito activity; it's just not the best solution.

You may think you know where we are going with this. As a mosquito control company, you know that we use control products to eliminate mosquitoes in every stage of development. You would be right in assuming this. Control products work better than natural mosquito control. But there is more to it than you might think. It isn't as simple as saying that spraying for mosquitoes in your yard is the best solution. You should know why and how this is the best solution.

Why is it better to have mosquito treatments than to deal with mosquitoes naturally? Mosquito treatments destroy adult mosquitoes and prevent female mosquitoes from laying eggs in your yard. A female mosquito lays a hundred eggs at a time. One female mosquito can create a swarm in your yard in one quick visit. But, more than this, one female mosquito can present a threat to your health. Female mosquitoes bite, and an infected female can make you sick. Let's discuss this for a moment.

Mosquito Bites Can Spread Dangerous Diseases

Both male and female mosquitoes can carry human pathogens, but only female mosquitoes bite. Before a female mosquito lays eggs in your yard by the hundreds, she may decide to bite you. For this reason, adult mosquito control is essential to prevent disease transmission. Here are some diseases you can get from mosquitoes and which mosquitoes spread them.

  • Culex mosquitoes, often called house mosquitoes, are primarily responsible for the spread of West Nile virus. While less than 300 people die from West Nile virus each year in the United States, even one death is too many. Culex mosquitoes also spread St. Louis, Japanese, Western equine, and Eastern equine encephalitis, all of which can cause potentially life-threatening brain swelling.
  • Aedes mosquitoes, like the yellow fever mosquito and tiger mosquito, spread hazardous viruses, such as Zika, yellow, dengue, and Chikungunya virus. None of these viruses are endemic to the United States and only present a threat during outbreaks.
  • Anopheles mosquitoes spread malaria. In 2020, malaria led to an estimated 241 million clinical episodes, with 627,000 deaths. The number of deaths reported in the United States is minimal as malaria is not endemic. Deaths only occur during outbreaks. 

When weighing the threat mosquitoes represent, it is essential to know all the facts. Here are a few not-well-known facts to consider.

  • Do you know that mosquitoes can give heartworms to your pet? Dogs are the most impacted by this mosquito-borne microorganism.
  • Do you know it is possible to have a mosquito-borne disease but no symptoms? Even if you or someone in your home is asymptomatic, mosquitoes on your property can contract a disease and transmit it. The next person to contract the disease may then develop symptoms.
  • Do you know that mosquito-borne diseases can have minor symptoms? Even the worst viruses can have mild symptoms mistaken for the flu or common cold. 
  • Reported cases usually occur when hospitalization is required. Most Atlanta residents are not aware of how widespread or common mosquito-related sickness really is.

In light of how mosquitoes can make you sick, isn't it best to ensure you have effective mosquito control? Is it also not best to have mosquito control that targets adult mosquitoes? There is a place for natural mosquito control, but it is not the best way for homeowners in Atlanta to deal with mosquitoes. Why? Because mosquito control isn't about finding the right product. It is a mixture of professional inspections, eco-friendly products, appropriate material applications, appropriately scheduled treatments, or the installation of misting systems. We'll get to this in a moment. First, let's talk about that elephant in the room.

Do-It-Yourself Mosquito Control Can Fall Short

Why are we so down on DIY mosquito control? It isn't because we offer mosquito services. There are just too many ways DIY mosquito products and methods fall short.

  • Effective mosquito control begins with an inspection to determine resting places, potential breeding sites, and conducive conditions. Do you know that flowering weeds attract mosquitoes? These and other facts are not commonly known, yet they play an essential role in mosquito control. Mosquitoes eat nectar for sustenance, not blood. Flowers are a strong attractant. Our mosquito technicians tell you what conditions may attract mosquitoes to your Atlanta property.
  • There are a lot of mosquito control products on the market. At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, we use eco-friendly products available to professionals. 
  • If you apply treatments to the wrong locations, you won't get all the mosquitoes on your property.
  • Treatments wear out and you must apply them at appropriate intervals. We ensure that the products we use are applied frequently enough to maintain protection.
  • Many DIY treatments don't work at all or have limited effect. Why? Because they attempt to repel mosquitoes with aromas that are unpleasant to mosquitoes. A female mosquito isn't going to let something stinky prevent her from getting a blood meal to ensure the survival of her species.
  • Some treatments work but only for a short time, leaving you exposed to bites. Have you heard that spraying mouth wash around you while outside can prevent mosquitoes? It is true. Certain mouthwash products have essential oils that repel mosquitoes. Unfortunately, these products wear out quickly and leave you exposed to bites. Organic mosquito control products have a similar drawback.
  • Some treatments can make you sicker than your mosquitoes will.

The best solution for effective mosquito control is to have a professional select and apply mosquito control products. It is also crucial to use the most effective and eco-friendly products.   

The Key To Successful Mosquito Control For Your Property

At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, we specialize in mosquito control. Our mosquito technicians perform professional inspections, make recommendations, and offer you effective solutions. You can control attractants like flowering weeds to make your property less interesting to mosquitoes, but we provide professional services to target and eradicate adult mosquitoes.

  • We offer a monthly spray service to knock down mosquitoes where they hide on your property. The products we use are tough on mosquitoes and gentle on the environment. You don't have to worry about your kids or pets walking around on your property after treatments. 
  • We offer one-time service for special outdoor events. Are you not ready for year-round mosquito control? No problem. You can at least have your backyard mosquito-free for special occasions such as weddings, receptions, graduations, anniversaries, and birthday parties.
  • We treat standing water to remove breeding sites for mosquitoes. The larvicide we use targets mosquito development and prevents egg-to-adult progression. 
  • We install mosquito misting systems and put the power of mosquito control into the palm of your hand. When you have an outdoor gettogether coming up, like a cookout or sports party, you can do your own treatment in advance.

Mosquitoes are irritating pests that have the potential to present a health risk for you, your family, your pets, and the guests that visit you. Effective mosquito control is essential. Let our team find the right mosquito control solution for your property. We'll guide you toward the services that meet your specific needs and budget. It all begins with a property evaluation.

Are you in Atlanta? Reach out to Tuxedo Mosquito Control today. We look forward to helping you guard against mosquito-borne diseases and taking your backyard back from mosquitoes.  

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