What's The Best Natural Mosquito Repellent For My Atlanta Yard?

Mosquitoes are annoying. They can also present a health risk. Mosquitoes are considered to be the most dangerous animals on the planet due to their link to malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, Zika virus, and many other dangerous diseases. If you're looking to protect your family from viruses that can be transmitted by mosquitoes, you may turn to natural mosquito repellents as an answer. Natural mosquito repellants can seem like the best answer; it is quite possible that they may be the right answer for you. But there are a few things you should know, particularly if you live in Atlanta, the mosquito capital of the United States.

Personal Protection & Yard Protection

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There are two ways you may apply a repellent to keep Atlanta mosquitoes from biting you. You may put it on your skin or you may apply it to landscape vegetation and other key areas mosquitoes tend to rest.

Personal Application — It is certainly nicer to put something on your skin that smells like lemons rather than apply a synthetic insecticide with DEET. If you're sensitive to chemicals, this might be the right solution for you. But you should be aware that there are limitations to using naturally derived repellents. We'll discuss that in the next section.

Yard Protection — There are a few ways you can use natural smells to repel mosquitoes around your home. You may plant certain vegetation that mosquitoes don't like. You may create sprays from essential oils. Or you may purchase botanical insecticides and spray them in the key areas you want to protect. Keep these facts in mind:

  • Plants that give off a mosquito-repellent smell don't do this on their own. They need to be rubbed in order to activate the oils that create the odor. It isn't enough to plant this vegetation and call it a day.
  • Applying a spray to exterior areas around your home won't provide protection for long, particularly if there is heavy rain. Natural products can quickly become diluted and ineffective.
  • Botanical insecticides are the best option for exterior applications. But, while fast-acting and longer-lasting, they must be applied more often than synthetic products.

What Works Best For Exterior Applications?

When repelling mosquitoes with a botanical insecticide, effectiveness is not gauged as much by what botanical mixture is used as by how much control you have over applying the product around your home. We could tell you that lemon eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, tea tree oil, and many other naturally derived substances work well and provide you with an appropriate mixture to get the best results, but this information would be useless if you don't have the time or energy to spray the perimeter around your home or other key exterior locations as often as required. The best advice we can give is that having a mosquito spraying system installed is the best way to go. Here are a few reasons why:

  • A mosquito spraying system takes all the work out of spraying your landscaping and other important areas. When activated, the product is dispensed through nozzles in the places that need treatment.
  • Certain mosquito-misting systems allow you to use your cell phone to spray your yard. This gives you control over when to spray and how much product you use. If you have a special event coming up, you can spray before the event. If you want to go out and relax by the pool, you can spray before you enjoy your time in the sun. 
  • The most important benefit is that your system is automated to spray frequently enough to provide ongoing protection with botanical repellents. You don't have to worry about them becoming diluted and ineffective.
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