Monthly Mosquito Spraying

Are you prepared for mosquito season? For those who want lasting pest-protection but require a less frequent alternative to our mosquito misting solutions, our monthly mosquito spray services are the perfect solution.

Our pest-fighting experts will service your property once each month, spraying the perimeter of your home with our insecticide—proven to kill or repel mosquitoes and other biting insects, and fast. We’ll keep you protected during breeding season so you can enjoy your yard without having to bother with bug sprays or citronella candles.

Monthly Mosquito Spraying in Atlanta & Charleston

Monthly mosquito spraying in Atlanta.

With Tuxedo Mosquito Control’s spray services, you will enjoy the best pest protection. The main ingredient is safe for humans and animals alike, but combats mosquito populations effectively and efficiently.

Areas We Service:

  •   Residential and Commercial Locations
  •   Parks and Recreation areas
  •   Amphitheaters
  •   Home Owners Associations Public Areas
  •   Pools & Tennis Courts
  •   Church Recreation Areas

Our innovative spraying services offer consistent protection you can rely on during peak mosquito season. To safeguard your yard today, contact the experts at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. We can arrange for a free yard evaluation today!

Call for a free quote for monthly mosquito spraying!

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Charleston (843) 566-3499