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Our family-operated business is one of the leading automated mosquito misting and mosquito spraying services companies in AtlantaCharleston, and Nashville. With 20 years of service, we know these areas like the back of our hands. We’re equipped and ready to help you protect your yard today.

Mosquito control in Atlanta is something that a lot of people see as a big problem, and that’s because it is. If you’ve ever spent time outside at night, you most likely understand what it feels like to be under attack by these biting little creatures. It’s relentless, it’s stressful and it can make almost any occasion not only less enjoyable than it would be otherwise but downright miserable to the point where you’re driven back inside.

Fortunately, mosquito control in Atlanta is achievable as long as you work with a Georgia mosquito company that understands how to beat back these tiny invaders and keep them at bay. Tuxedo Mosquito is an Atlanta mosquito company that’s been doing just that for years with several different approaches and solutions, as you’ll see below.

If you’re tired of retreating into the house at night, let us help you take back your yard.

You have options when it comes to mosquito control in Atlanta, especially if you work with Tuxedo Mosquito. We can install a misting system that will work for you on a constant basis if that’s what you’d prefer. If you’re interested in a one-time or monthly spraying service that’s done by our professionals, we’re certainly happy to help you in that regard as well. Either way, we’re a Georgia mosquito services company that’s able to work however meets your needs.

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Each Tuxedo Mosquito Control mosquito-fighting service comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Our mosquito control services are eco-friendly to protect the environment.

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A few points to consider are that we guarantee our work, we don’t harm the environment and we’ve earned the loyalty of our customers. In this industry, it won’t take long for people to figure out if you’re truly capable of achieving mosquito control in Atlanta or not. In fact, one negative experience in this regard is usually all it takes for people to look in a different direction.

We’re not only comfortable with that reality, but we embrace it, as we know that our approach works and works for the long haul.

We’re also a pleasure to work with, as we are your allies in your ongoing fight against these critters that haunt the night and literally “bug” you out of the warmest evenings of the year if they are not controlled.

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It is simple: If you want to forget about Mosquitos in your yard... CALL THEM.  Great service, fantastic 'set it and forget it' technology, with wonderful people backing it all up. We couldn't be happier with Tuxedo Mosquito Control!

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