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Living Bite-Free: The Long-Term Benefits of Regular Mosquito Spraying In Decatur

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Mosquitoes are flying creatures that exist in roughly 200 different species in the U.S. Female mosquitoes land on people and animals and use special mouthparts to pierce the skin and engorge themselves with blood. Although most bite victims experience only itchy and red skin, mosquitoes can be vectors that spread harmful diseases. The warm and humid conditions here in Decatur are ideal for troublesome mosquitoes.

How can you get rid of the mosquitoes on your property? To achieve fast results, promptly contact a local pest control company regarding the available treatment options. An experienced provider of residential mosquito control in Decatur maintains trained staff with the tools needed to target these dangerous flying pests and will also treat mosquito eggs and those in other phases of development. Tuxedo Mosquito Control has the solutions for you.

Health Risks Associated With Mosquito Bites

What are some of the diseases caused by mosquitoes? Some of the most common concerns include malaria, the Zika virus, and the West Nile virus.

Those who endure a mosquito bite should avoid scratching their skin. Persistent scratching might open a wound that is vulnerable to secondary infection.

Mosquitoes will imbibe the blood of a human or animal and may become infected with germs. Many types of harmful germs multiply within mosquitoes and are then spread among subsequent bite victims.

Some of the mosquito species that are carriers of diseases include Aedes mosquitoes, Culex mosquitoes, and Anopheles mosquitoes. Many types of mosquitoes are not vectors of disease and are considered nuisance pests. Some of these nuisance species are prevalent after floods, hurricanes, heavy rains, or similar weather events.

The Need For Regular Mosquito Spraying

How can you effectively keep mosquitoes away from your yard throughout the spring and summer months? Homeowners should consider having regular spray treatments performed by qualified professionals or installing an automated misting system.

One reason why eliminating mosquitoes is often challenging is that female mosquitoes create eggs, which they usually deposit in areas of standing water. Many treatment options target adult mosquitoes that are currently active, yet the problem persists as young mosquitoes emerge from eggs and develop through stages as larvae and pupae before reaching adulthood.

Based on their reproductive process, local property owners should take measures to limit standing water, for example, by filling in ground holes, keeping gutters and downspouts clear, and not overwatering lawns and gardens.

What times of the year are mosquitoes in Georgia most active? Generally, mosquitoes will begin to appear in Decatur during March and might remain until November. The optimal temperature for mosquitoes is approximately 80 degrees. Mosquitoes usually become lethargic at around 60 degrees and are inactive as the temperature approaches 50 degrees.

Breaking Down The Mosquito Spraying Process

Mosquito spraying involves applying an insecticide that will help limit the presence of these potentially harmful pests. Having mosquito spraying services conducted by qualified professionals is significantly more effective than general insect sprays or citronella candles and does not leave a lingering odor.

On most properties, the residual impact following treatment lasts about 30 days; therefore, those who want to keep mosquitoes away should consider having services performed monthly. Some of the properties that often need ongoing treatment include homes near ponds or lakes and homes with swimming pools.

Are you looking for answers regarding the best way of stopping mosquitoes? Getting a hold of a pro is strongly encouraged. The qualified pest control experts at Tuxedo Mosquito Control are familiar with the different types of mosquitoes found in Decatur and know what keeps mosquitoes away.

Call Tuxedo Mosquito To Stop The Mosquitoes In Your Yard

Too many property owners in Decatur waste time and money on store-bought, do-it-yourself mosquito control options each year. In many of these cases, these products demonstrate very short-term results and simply create further frustration. The best course of action begins by reaching out to the professionals best suited for handling these undesirable pests.

Tuxedo Mosquito Control remains among the leaders who provide professional Decatur mosquito control services. Our team provides one-time mosquito treatment options for those who are hosting an outdoor event such as a wedding or graduation party. One of our service technicians will visit the premises to conduct treatment just prior to the big day.

Tuxedo Mosquito Control also provides ongoing treatment options, which include regular visits throughout the prime mosquito season. In addition, we also sell, install, and service mosquito misting systems. These automatic misting options are safe for the environment and are relatively maintenance-free.

For residential or commercial mosquito control services, contact our office today for information.

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