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What The Experts Say Will Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your East Cobb Property

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Mosquitoes are flying insects that exist in approximately 200 different species across the U.S. Mosquitoes are known for biting individuals who are participating in outdoor activities during the warmest months of the year. As vectors of disease, mosquitoes represent a leading public health concern.

How can you get rid of the mosquitoes in your yard? Mosquitoes are pests that reside in natural outdoor environments and are difficult to eliminate. Contacting a professional provider of mosquito control in East Cobb is the best course of action, as they have several treatment options. Tuxedo Mosquito Control can provide exactly what you need to keep your piece of mind.

Insights From Entomologists: Understanding Mosquito Behavior

Mosquitoes thrive in environments with hot and humid conditions. As cold-blooded insects, mosquitoes are unable to regulate their body temperature and become weary as temperatures drop near 60 degrees and may die at 50 degrees. Female mosquitoes may find shelter for the winter by hibernating inside underground burrows or voids in trees.

Both female and male mosquitoes consume nectar and similar plant-derived materials. Female mosquitoes also consume the blood of humans and animals, which provides them with protein to boost their production of eggs.  After landing on areas of exposed skin, mosquitoes use a “beak-like” mouthpart called a proboscis for piercing and imbibing blood.

How do mosquitoes breed? Female mosquitoes usually deposit their eggs in pools of standing water, often in groups that create a “raft-like” appearance. In some cases, mosquitoes will place their eggs in divots or depressions in the ground, which will likely hold water. The eggs soon hatch, and developing mosquitoes progress through stages as larvae and pupae before reaching adulthood.

Landscaping Strategies For Mosquito Prevention In East Cobb

Are you looking for solutions regarding how to stop mosquitoes? In the hot midday sun, mosquitoes often seek shade under larger shrubs or tall grass. Consider using cedar mulch to deter mosquitoes, as the warm sunlight enhances the aroma of cedar.

What kinds of plants help keep mosquitoes away? Some of the more ornamental or decorative plants with properties that have demonstrated repellant properties include geraniums, marigolds, rosemary, and citronella grass. Some herbs and garden plants, such as peppermint, lemongrass, and basil, have also exhibited mosquito-repelling qualities.

A report from the Center for Urban Agriculture at the University of Georgia explained that mosquitoes are unlikely to hide in turfgrass. English Ivy, which is often dense and tends to retain water, is attractive to mosquitoes. 

East Cobb Eco-Friendly Mosquito Traps: Recommendations From Experts

Some individuals create do-it-yourself mosquito traps, such as containers filled with sugary or soapy water that are placed in outdoor areas or some of the store-bought options. Unfortunately, the majority of these efforts generate very mediocre results.  Other homeowners will purchase sprays to kill mosquitoes, yet these options might harm beneficial creatures such as bees and butterflies.

Has your property become a haven for dangerous mosquitoes? Today, residential service providers have safe and effective treatment options for substantially reducing the population of these unwanted flying pests. An experienced pest control professional is familiar with the different species of mosquitoes in the East Cobb region and knows how to control mosquitoes in yard areas.

The Pros To Know For Effective Mosquito Control In East Cobb

Tuxedo Mosquito Control is a leading provider of East Cobb mosquito control services for homeowners. Our team of well-trained service technicians is equipped with some of the most effective treatment options including mosquito spraying and automated misting systems. We also remain committed to safety and use many of the latest products in the industry, such as those recommended by the Georgia Pest Control Association and other advocates and educators.

For comprehensive solutions to problems involving mosquitoes, contact our office today for additional information.

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