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How Many Times Can One Mosquito Bite You In Marietta?

close up of a mosquito on skin

If you have spent any amount of time in Marietta, you know mosquitoes are a major problem in this area. While you don’t usually find them during the height of winter, the warm temperatures of this area allow them to thrive throughout most of the year. However, after spending all day outdoors, many people will notice they have several mosquito bites on their skin. Still, they didn’t see a lot of mosquitoes swarming around them, leading many to wonder whether or not a mosquito can bite a person more than once. 

At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, our mosquito exterminators in Marietta know the answer to your mosquito-related questions. We also know how to keep you safe from these blood-feeding insects. 

The Persistent Pests: A Closer Look At Mosquito Biting Habits

Female mosquitoes are the only mosquitoes that bite people and humans. They require a blood meal to produce eggs. When the female is ready to reproduce, it will use its long and thin mouthpiece, called a proboscis, to pierce the skin and draw the blood out. When they bite you, they will place a small amount of saliva onto your skin, which has anesthetic properties and allows them to inject the proboscis into your skin without causing any pain or discomfort. 

When a female mosquito bites a host, she will continue to feed until she is full. If she gets knocked off her host or swatted away, she will likely come back and bite a new spot until she has had her fill. Our mosquito extermination team members have seen the same mosquito bite one person multiple times in a row. 

How Mosquito Biting Differs Between Day And Night In Marietta

While mosquitoes prefer warm temperatures, they don’t like hanging out in direct sunlight for too long. Although you can find them swarming around during the day, they are usually more active and more likely to bite during the evening and nighttime hours. If you find swarms of mosquitoes in the middle of the day, it is usually in a heavily shaded area. 

If mosquitoes are constantly buzzing around your property day and night, you should contact a pest control company that offers mosquito control near you

Mitigating Mosquito Bites: Tips For Protection In Marietta

During certain times of the year, it seems like nowhere is off-limits for mosquitoes. While it might be impossible to completely prevent them from entering your yard, there are certain mosquito control solutions you can try to make your home seem less appealing to them. Some of the best mosquito prevention solutions for residential areas include:

  • Keep the grass cut short in your yard, and make sure bushes and trees are properly pruned and well-maintained. 
  • Limit the amount of shaded areas you have around your home. 
  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants when going outside, especially at night. 
  • Remove any standing water from your yard or around your house. 

Wearing mosquito repellent outside can also help prevent you from being bitten by a mosquito. If the mosquitoes are relentless around your property, you should have them removed by a professional mosquito control expert as soon as possible. 

Professional Mosquito Control Formulated With Marietta In Mind

Mosquitoes can bite you several times in a row. To keep these pesky bugs away, you should team up with our professionals at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. We provide a variety of Marietta mosquito control services. Give us a call today to see how we can help keep the mosquitoes away from your property.

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