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The warmer months are some of the most beautiful in picturesque Marietta. Unfortunately, they’re also when swarms of mosquitoes begin cropping up in the area, buzzing and biting as they ruin any chance you have at enjoying a peaceful time outdoors.

The good news? With the help of Tuxedo Mosquito Control, you don’t have to stay inside all season for fear of painful, itchy mosquito bites. Our revolutionary solutions give you total yard control in a snap, putting the power back in your hands.

As local leaders in mosquito control, we’re helping to “Fight the Bite” all throughout the Peach State. We offer Marietta residents and businesses alike a number of mosquito-fighting solutions.

Automatic Mosquito Misting

When you're trying to enjoy a nice day outside in Marietta, Georgia, nothing can send you inside faster than a mosquito infestation. Unless you and your guests want dozens of itchy, burning stings from your time outside, you need a Marietta mosquito control system that can reclaim the outdoor areas around your home when you need a helping hand. 

By scheduling your automatic mosquito misting system to spray when mosquitoes are most active -- at dawn and dusk -- you'll be creating a safe space during the day without any mosquitoes to bug you and ruin your time outside.

Residential Mosquito Misting

If you're sick of mosquitoes sending you inside just when the warmer months come around and you're ready to step foot outdoors, you need Tuxedo Mosquito Control, a Marietta mosquito control company that can help you level the playing field.

Instead of canceling those backyard parties and heading inside whenever those mosquitoes appear, you'll be able to truly enjoy your outdoor areas with mosquito misting that takes care of your Marietta mosquito problem once and for all. 

Set your mosquito misting system to spray automatically in the morning or night, or use the on-demand misting feature to banish those mosquitoes right before that backyard party for maximum mosquito fighting power. 

Commercial Mosquito Misting

It's not only residences and personal property that are affected by the scourge of mosquitoes -- It’s also valuable to have a mosquito control solution for commercial properties in Marietta to help them manage their mosquito problems. 

On commercial properties, it's even more important to have a comprehensive mosquito fighting solution in place because an infestation can easily grow unchecked if someone isn't spending the time to stay on top of it all. But with a Marietta mosquito control system, you'll be able to fully protect your commercial property from mosquitoes even when you're not around.

One-Time Mosquito Spraying

For those that may not need the power and convenience of an automatic mosquito control spray system, one-time mosquito control in Marietta is possible via our one-time mosquito spraying. 

If you're planning a backyard barbecue, get-together, or you have a need to be outside in the coming days, weeks, or months, you can call us out for mosquito spraying that will send those pesky mosquitoes elsewhere. It's cheaper than an automatic mosquito control system, and if you don't have a daily outdoor need our one-time mosquito spraying can be a better fit for your need.

Special Events Mosquito Spraying

If you have an upcoming special event and you don't want to risk the annoyance of mosquitoes, our special events mosquito spraying is a great way to ensure that your next important event will go off without a hitch. 

Without spraying, you and your guests could be in for a day heavy with mosquitoes, bug spray,  and heading indoors whenever the mosquitoes are a bit too much. Instead, why not hire us to come to your home or property and get rid of all those mosquitoes that are waiting to feast on you and your guests. 

Monthly Mosquito Spraying

Aside from the fact that mosquitoes carry diseases, it's just plain annoying to have to deal with them every time you just want some sun or a bit of rest and relaxation outdoors. 

We're a Marietta mosquito control company that can come out as often or as infrequently as you wish. For true, year-round protection, you can sign up for our comprehensive monthly mosquito spraying plan, which gives you total protection from mosquitoes without needing to have an automatic misting system on the premises. We'll show up and get rid of the mosquitoes and there's literally nothing else you have to do!

For more on how we can help protect your home in beautiful Marietta, contact Tuxedo Mosquito Control today. Our experts can answer any questions you have and can arrange for a free yard estimate at your convenience.

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