How To Control Mosquitoes Outside Your Atlanta Home

You may not see mosquitoes try to bite you, but you can certainly feel their red, itchy bites later on. Mosquitoes can be tricky to control, so here's what Atlanta homeowners should know about the types of mosquitoes you may see around your yard and why you don't want these pests hanging around. We'll also share how to prevent mosquitoes and how pest control in Atlanta can help you get rid of mosquitoes in Georgia. 

The Types Of Mosquitoes You Can Find In Atlanta

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There are a couple of common types of mosquitoes you'll see in Atlanta, including: 

  • Aedes mosquitoes: Also called Asian-tiger mosquitoes, these insects are known for carrying the Zika virus and are especially active in southern climates like Atlanta. 
  • Anopheles mosquitoes: Most active in the evening and early morning hours, Anopheles mosquitoes can carry malaria and heartworm disease. 
  • Culex mosquitoes: Culex mosquitoes are most aggressive during dawn and dusk hours and can transmit the West Nile virus. 

Keep in mind that mosquito season can last from late spring all the way into early fall, especially in a humid climate like Atlanta. Some other crucial facts to understand about mosquitoes include: 

  • Not all mosquitoes bite humans. In fact, male mosquitoes only feed on nectar. Female mosquitoes also feed on nectar but bite people or animals because they need the nutrients from our blood to nourish their eggs. 
  • Mosquitoes are generally poor fliers compared to other insects and they will often seek out areas where there are shaded areas to rest.
  • There are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world, but only around 400 types are capable of biting people or animals.
  • Mosquitoes can spread a variety of diseases when they bite. 
  • A mosquito's lifespan generally lasts less than two months. 
  • Mosquitoes need a standing water source to lay their eggs, and the first three stages of a mosquito's life take place in the water.
  • Mosquitoes can drink more than three times their body weight in blood.
  • While mosquitoes can transmit diseases to humans, they can also infect dogs and livestock with heartworm.

Mosquitoes are a complex pest and far more dangerous than they seem at first glance. 

All The Reasons You Don't Want Mosquitoes Hanging Around

Most people can recognize mosquitoes as an annoying pest, but did you know they are also dangerous? Mosquitoes are considered the deadliest animal in the world, and they're responsible for millions of deaths every year. This is because of mosquito-borne diseases, including: 

  • Zika virus 
  • Malaria
  • West Nile virus 
  • Yellow fever
  • Dengue fever
  • Chikungunya virus 
  • Heartworm 

Can mosquitoes kill you? While mosquito bites in and of themselves are not fatal, contracting a mosquito-borne illness could come with severe side effects. 

Not all mosquitoes carry disease, and getting bitten by a mosquito doesn't mean you'll automatically get sick. However, there is always a risk that a mosquito could be carrying one of these illnesses, which is why it's so dangerous for these pests to hang around your property. 

Four Easy And Effective Mosquito Prevention Tips

How do you get rid of mosquitoes? Here are some easy and effective ways to prevent mosquitoes around your Atlanta property: 

  1. Get rid of standing water sources around your property, including birdbaths, decorative ponds, or yard debris capable of holding water. 
  2. Plant natural mosquito-repellants, like citronella, lavender, marigolds, basil, and catnip grass, in your garden. 
  3. Maintain your lawn to prevent mosquitoes from hanging out in shady areas like tall grasses, weeds, or low-hanging branches. 
  4. Try to keep your garden, especially bright flowering plants, several feet from your house. 

To prevent mosquito bites while you're outside, you can also make sure you wear a repellant that contains DEET, wear long sleeves, and avoid wearing bright, dark colors that are easier for mosquitoes to spot. 

Call The Professionals About Total Mosquito Control For Your Yard

How do I get rid of mosquitoes in the house? When it comes to mosquitoes around your Atlanta property, the most effective solution is to leave it up to the pros at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. 

With more than twenty years of experience combating troublesome pests like mosquitoes, we've got eco-friendly, effective treatments that can control mosquito populations around your home. 

If you have issues with mosquitoes in Atlanta or would like to reduce mosquitoes for a special event, there's no reason to wait – contact us today at Tuxedo Mosquito Control to learn more about how our residential mosquito control services work or to request a quote of our services.

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