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Answering Atlanta's Most Interesting Mosquito Questions


If there was a list made of the most dangerous pests on earth, mosquitoes would be near the top. That is if they don’t already have the number one slot. Health experts have long stated that these insects are a significant medical threat to human life.  Mosquitoes are known for persistently buzzing around and leaving bumps on your body, but that’s the bare minimum worry.... Read More

Where Do The Mosquitoes In Atlanta Go In The Winter?


You probably know that mosquitoes are flying insects that make going outside miserable. These pesky pests in Atlanta, Georgia can ruin the enjoyment of your yard, and they are, unfortunately, a problem throughout many months of the year.... Read More

woman putting on perfume

Fact or Fiction: Does Perfume Attract Mosquitoes?


Mosquitoes can quickly send everyone inside during a backyard barbecue or get-together, and we all know how important those late afternoons and evenings outside can be when you're tired of being inside avoiding the heat and humidity... Read More

mosquito attracted to mans hand

How To Be Less Attractive To Mosquitos


Summer months in the south tend to be very warm. That means that we often want to go outside at night and enjoy the stars and cool breeze. Unfortunately, that coincides with peak mosquito hours.  So what do we do... Read More

flowers around home

What Is the Best Mosquito Repellent Plant?


There are a lot of chemical and technological methods to getting rid of mosquitos, but did you know that with a little strategic garden planning you can turn your yard into a mosquito-repelling zone? Here are just a few of the plants that mosquitos really seem to hate... Read More

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