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9 Beautiful Flowers That Kill Mosquitoes


Flowers that kill mosquitoes are an excellent way not only to beautify your garden, but to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay.  Read the list of 9 beautiful flowers that kill mosquitoes now!... Read More

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Why Professional Mosquito Control Is A Must For Atlanta Businesses


Many Atlanta residents love being outside. The fresh air and scenery provide them with the refreshment and relaxation they might be seeking. Not to mention, several activities are more enjoyable in a wide, open space. For instance, playing a game of frisbee or hiking a trail with friends. Businesses across the city offer venues and resources for such recreation. ... Read More

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5 Examples Of What Attracts Mosquitoes To Homes


It may sound strange, but if you’re a cheese lover and you have it out often, it could lead to this problem. The bacteria in cheese can attract mosquitoes to your home in some cases, and some mosquito species are particularly drawn to it.... Read More

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