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Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggest having some kind of mosquito control service for your outdoor area. That's because mosquitoes commonly carry diseases and they can be a huge annoyance for homeowners that just want to relax outside in the afternoon sun. But while nets and traps can work in a pinch, it just won't do the trick for mosquitoes that have settled into your property for the long haul or during those hot and humid summer months when mosquitoes are just about everywhere.

For those sick of dealing with mosquitoes around their Kennesaw properties, our mosquito control services can banish those mosquitoes from the outdoor areas around your home. We provide two comprehensive services - mosquito spraying and mosquito misting - so that you can choose the right service for your needs and budget.

Mosquito Spraying

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Homeowners that may only need periodic relief from mosquitoes can opt for our Kennesaw mosquito spraying service. If you have an upcoming event or a backyard get-together and you don't want to risk mosquitoes disrupting it all, a one-time spray can rid your property of mosquitoes for a few days or a few weeks. That makes it ideal for scheduled events and other gatherings, but it won't really do the trick for a continued need where you'd like access to your outdoor areas over an entire season or year-round.

For that kind of need, we offer monthly mosquito spraying to keep those mosquitoes from coming back and disrupting your time outside. With a quick spray once a month, you'll get continued protection against the scourge of mosquitoes on your property, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you can enjoy your time outside without worrying about mosquitoes. Those that just want us to come in and take care of their mosquito problem are great candidates for mosquito spraying, but there are times when it might not be enough.

Mosquito Misting

With heavy mosquito infestations or at certain times of the year, a monthly spray may not be enough. Or, if it's raining a lot, those sprays may only last a few days, which can be a problem if you plan on heading into the backyard every day during the warmer months. Sure, the time outside can be rejuvenating and relaxing, but not if you have mosquitoes stinging and biting you the whole time. 

That's when you need the best Kennesaw mosquito control service that money can buy. It's called mosquito misting, and it's great for homeowners that want full control over the mosquitoes around their property. With nozzles installed on your property lines and in the areas that mosquitoes love to congregate, a mosquito misting system comes with a convenient schedule and timer to spray when mosquitoes are most active, such as at dawn or dusk. 

But the true flexibility of a mosquito misting system comes with the remote, which allows you to mist your outdoor areas whenever there's a need, such as before that backyard barbecue or after recent rain. A misting system ensures that you're always protected against pesky mosquitoes, and all it takes is the push of a button to drive those mosquitoes out.

Which Mosquito Control Service Is Best?

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If you're not sure which Kennesaw mosquito control service you need for your home, just call us. We'll come out to your yard and give you a free estimate and suggest the best course of action for your need and budget.

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It is simple: If you want to forget about Mosquitos in your yard... CALL THEM.  Great service, fantastic 'set it and forget it' technology, with wonderful people backing it all up. We couldn't be happier with Tuxedo Mosquito Control!

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