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Organic Insecticide To Ward Off Dangerous Mosquitoes In Atlanta

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At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, we’re not only dedicated to banishing mosquitoes from your Atlanta yard, we’re committed to keeping you safe as we do it. Rather than using dangerous chemical insecticides, we kill mosquitoes with flowers. Yes, you read that right.

The main ingredient in our our organic insecticide is pyrethrum, a plant extract derived from a species of the chrysanthemum family that has natural insect-repelling properties. Not only is pyrethrum safe for humans and animals alike, it packs a powerful mosquito-zapping punch—knocking down and paralyzing insects immediately, even before it kills.

About Pyrethrum

First harvested in many East African countries, pyrethrum plants and have been grown specifically for commercial insect-fighting purposes for decades. The flower it’s derived from resembles a small white daisy, which are harvested and dried in mass quantities for extraction. As the main component of our organic insecticide, the pyrethrum does all the mosquito-fighing work for you, and completely naturally.

When mosquitoes come in contact with pyrethrum, the extract blocks their basic nerve functions, essentially causing them to lose control of their central nervous systems. This briefly panics the mosquitoes, causing them to flee from wherever they may be hiding in your property, and ultimately kills them.

In addition to being all-natural and completely safe for your family and pets while providing control from a broad spectrum of insect activity, pyrethrum won’t harm the “helpful” insects in your yard such as bees and butterflies. Our organic insecticide keeps your property pest-free without putting anything else in harm’s way.

Take a look through our organic insecticide products today, all of which can be used for misting and spraying your yard for maximum mosquito relief.

What Tuxedo Mosquito Customers Are Saying

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 I would highly recommend Tuxedo Mosquito. Very professional organization. Installation was quick and service has been great. My wife, who seems to be a "mosquito magnet" spent the entire summer in our backyard without getting bit. Money well spent

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Johnathan L

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