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How To Repel Atlanta Mosquitoes


People have been looking for ways to get rid of mosquitoes for thousands of years. What has history taught us about removing them, and what repellents work?... Read More

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What Attracts Mosquitoes To Atlanta Properties?


While it seems some people are mosquito magnets compared to others, no one is immune to becoming a mosquito snack. Mosquitoes are, in fact, drawn to certain blood types over others, type O being their favorite blood type and type A being their least favorite.... Read More

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How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Atlanta Yard


Mosquitoes are one of the most common insects you will find on your property. Though some mosquitoes can be deadly, most mosquitoes are more of a nuisance pest. Mosquitoes are drawn to hot and humid places, making Atlanta, Georgia a prime location for them.... Read More

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Can You Be Allergic To Mosquito Bites In Atlanta?


Skeeter syndrome can refer to allergic reactions some mosquito bite victims experience. Symptoms may include hives, swelling, fever, and in extreme cases, anaphylactic shock. Individuals with these reactions need medical attention, and an emergency room visit may even be recommended.... Read More

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Atlanta’s Complete Guide To Mosquito Repelling Plants


According to Atlanta's complete guide to mosquito-repelling plants, the garden can be the first line of defense. Why kill helpful bugs like bees and ladybugs when specific herbs, trees, grasses, or annuals can improve the home garden while deterring mosquitoes?... Read More

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Do Mosquitoes In Atlanta Carry Lyme Disease?


Mosquitoes can be found in humid environments, like Georgia, as they need water to live and reproduce. If there is any stagnant water pooled up around an Atlanta property, there is probably a mosquito population. Additionally, mosquitoes like protected areas like thick shrubs and long grass.... Read More

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How To Treat Mosquito Bites In Atlanta


The reason mosquito bites are so concerning is due to the potential for them to carry disease-causing bacteria. When the female mosquito bites a host, which occurs using a special mouthpart (proboscis), an exchange occurs as the host is injected with some of the mosquito’s saliva while it draws blood.... Read More

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The Best Mosquito Control For Atlanta Properties


Although it’s nearly impossible to avoid mosquitoes entirely, especially June through September, there are some cautionary steps you can take to refrain from attracting mosquitoes to yourself, your home, and your property.... Read More


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