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The Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control For Atlanta Properties

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When it comes to mosquito control, Atlanta property owners can undoubtedly benefit from professional assistance. If you want to get rid of mosquitoes for good and ensure that your property is always protected from this pest, the experts at Tuxedo Mosquito Control can help you out.

A Brief History Of Mosquito Control In Atlanta

While mosquitoes are more of a nuisance in today’s world, decades ago, this pest was causing significant issues across the United States. Thanks to Atlanta’s generally warm and humid climate, it was somewhat of a hotspot for mosquitoes and all of the diseases you can get from mosquitoes, such as malaria, Zika, and West Nile virus. In 1946, the CDC was established in Atlanta to help combat malaria cases in the area and to oversee a national mosquito eradication program. Initially, DDT was used to eliminate mosquitoes and other removal techniques, but the use of DDT was banned in the United States in 1972; current mosquito control techniques are much safer and more eco-friendly.

Today, the diseases you can get from mosquitoes are still around, but the risk is much less, thanks to a strong history of mosquito control in the Atlanta area. Combine professional mosquito control with natural ways to keep mosquitoes away, and your property should have minimal to no problems with mosquitoes year-round. 

Natural Ways To Reduce Mosquito Populations Around Your Atlanta Yard

There are natural ways to keep mosquitoes away from your property that involve proactive prevention techniques. These methods help to deter mosquitoes from breeding on your property and can be part of a treatment to get rid of mosquitoes for good:

  • Invest in plants that keep mosquitoes away, such as marigold, citronella, lemongrass, and lavender. These plants that keep mosquitoes away can be used anywhere on your property and may be helpful around decks or patios.
  • Remove areas of standing water on your property and change out water feature water regularly. Make sure to be thorough, as mosquitoes only need an inch of water to lay their eggs in. Fix up leaks and drainage issues around your property to be sure no pools of water remain.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris and work to ensure that overgrown foliage is trimmed back, gutters are kept clear, holes are filled, and your grass is kept trimmed low. This will make your property less hospitable to mosquitoes.

Why Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Mosquito Control Can Be In Vain On Atlanta Properties

DIY mosquito control and home remedies may be the first thing that some individuals turn to when they notice a mosquito problem on their property, but these methods may not always be effective. DIY methods are unlikely to target all life stages of this pest and may not be effective on certain mosquito species. They also can be dangerous if applied incorrectly. The best way to control mosquitoes is by trusting expert assistance.

The Secret Weapon To Effective Mosquito Control For Atlanta Properties

The best way to control mosquitoes is with the assistance of the professionals at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. The experts will give your yard an inspection to determine the size and intensity of your mosquito problem. Using this information, they will provide you with effective, targeted treatments that eliminate your mosquito problem. These solutions are safe and eco-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about anything while you reclaim your property from this pesky insect.

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