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Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch In Atlanta?

Mosquito on skin

It’s no secret that mosquitoes leave behind swollen, itchy bites when they feed. But how do these bites appear, and why do they itch so much? In the Atlanta area, there are a few dozen mosquitoes common to residential backyards and commercial lawns. The most recognized mosquitoes include:

  • Yellow fever
  • Asian tiger
  • Common malaria
  • Common house

Each of these mosquito species carries various forms of illness, including parasite eggs, bacteria, and some strains of viruses. Although they have slightly different characteristics, they share a few common attributes:

  • Buzzing sounds while flying
  • Short wings
  • Long proboscis
  • Six bent legs (while landed)

Only female mosquitoes can feed on a human host, requiring a blood meal to fertilize their eggs. Once they are nutrified, the mosquito eggs will be laid in stagnant pools of water near potential feeding points (including your Atlanta backyard). After just a few short weeks, mosquito populations will swell to even greater and more dangerous numbers.

What Is “Skeeter Syndrome” & Are You A Victim?

A recent report from pest control professionals has ranked the city of Atlanta as the worst location for mosquito bites in the entire United States. This is concerning for two reasons; the threat of attack and the spread of itchy bites. The reason for itchy bites after a mosquito attack is an allergic reaction. Interestingly, most people are allergic to mosquito saliva, only secreted when pests penetrate the skin. The itchy red bumps left behind are the product of an allergic reaction.

Some people are even more sensitive to mosquito bites and experience more serious reactions. Often called skeeter syndrome, victims of ‘skeeter’ mosquito bites may have symptoms requiring emergency care. If you suspect that you have ‘skeeter syndrome’ please discuss your options with a medical professional.

Keeping Mosquitoes Far Away From Your Atlanta Yard

If you’re worried about the effects that mosquitos could have on your Atlanta lawn, you’re not alone. Below are a couple of helpful mosquito prevention tips for your home, property, and family:

  • Be sure to spend time outdoors both before and after the mosquito’s most active hours. This includes early morning and late evening, particularly late at night.
  • If you do plan to spend time outside, be sure to wear lighter-colored clothing. Tuck your pants into your socks for an additional layer of protection, and focus on baggy rather than skintight clothing.
  • Manage the amount of water present outside the home. Fill up ditches and potholes with topsoil, and drain any stagnant pools such as fountains and birdbaths.

Managing a mosquito infestation on your own could be frustrating, overwhelming, and even dangerous. Risking even more itchy bites could prove detrimental to your health and wellness, among other things. That’s why trusting a professional team like Tuxedo Mosquito Control will always be your best option.

Tuxedo Mosquito Control Exterminates Mosquitoes Quickly & Carefully

Since the very beginning, Tuxedo Mosquito Control has been passionate about protecting Atlanta property owners from the detrimental effects of pest activity. We provide a slew of unique resources and abatement services, all of which can be altered to meet your family’s needs.

Call, click, or visit with the ambassadors of Tuxedo Mosquito Control to schedule your very first home inspection. Ready to get started immediately? Simply complete the online contact form to get in touch with a mosquito control representative right away.

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