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Debunking Common Mosquito Myths In Atlanta

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Mosquitoes are quite possibly the most common backyard pest in Atlanta. However, this does not make them the most well-known – not by a long shot! Despite their overwhelming presence, mosquito species are often the least understood pests in our modern backyards. Misinformation from forums, websites, and other uncredible sources makes it even more challenging to control the mosquito’s spread and makes it harder to treat a population correctly.

How much is there to know about the mysterious backyard mosquito, and how many myths could be floating around the Atlanta area? In our latest blog post, let’s dive into four of the most popular (and least accurate) myths surrounding the humble mosquito.

The Many Myths About The Humble Mosquito

Check your pest control knowledge against all four of these fascinating mosquito myths, and learn how you can prevent further outbreaks in the future!

Myth #1: All Mosquitoes Bite Humans

Fact: Despite some false representation over the years, only female mosquitoes can bite humans. Male mosquitoes do not, choosing to feed on nectar and other vegetation. Further, not all female mosquitoes bite humans either! There are quite literally thousands of mosquito species that are incapable of biting humans at all.

The reason female mosquitoes need to bite in the first place is related to their reproductive needs. Without specific proteins only found in blood, the female mosquito would not fertilize her sensitive eggs.

Myth #2: People With Fair Skin Are More Likely To Be Bitten By A Mosquito

Fact: Although people with fair skin tend to have a more pronounced reaction to mosquito bites, they are no more at risk for bites than anyone else. Fair skin can make bites and reactions more obvious, but they do not receive more bites (statistical research).

Myth #3: All Mosquitoes Carry Diseases

Fact: While many mosquitoes can and do carry severe diseases, only a tiny portion of them can harbor and spread them. This percentage will be higher or lower depending on where you live and how many people live in the surrounding metro area.

Myth #4: Attracting Bats To Your Property Is An Effective Way To Reduce Mosquito Populations

Fact: It is true that bats eat mosquitoes as part of their general diet. However, these mammals make poor pest control professionals. Interestingly, mosquitoes only make up a small percentage of the bat’s diet. Zoologists have discovered that they prefer beetles, cicadas, moths, and other large morsels. If you are looking for some form of ongoing mosquito control, human technicians will be your best bet.

The Only Fact You’ll Ever Need: Mosquito Prevention With Tuxedo Mosquito Control

Despite all of the many myths on this list, one piece of advice will always be a fact: getting professional mosquito control will mitigate serious infestations. While do-it-yourself (DIY) steps and household prevention will undoubtedly reduce your risks of infestation, they cannot address a problem once it has begun. For this reason, we recommend turning to regular abatements and mitigation services with the professional pest management options from Tuxedo Mosquito Control.

Hundreds of home and business owners in the Atlanta area trust our stalwart team to keep themselves and their families safe. Learn more about what we can do by getting in touch with our hardworking team. We’re standing by to receive your call, click, or online contact form today!

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