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What Is The Purpose Of Mosquitoes In Atlanta?

Mosquito on plant

They feed on our blood, they leave itchy bites, and they can spread a slew of serious diseases. Is a backyard mosquito just a harbinger of pain and misfortune, or is there an actual purpose for this pest in the grand scheme of things? Before we get too far into the weeds, let’s talk a bit about the humble mosquito. These insects are some of the most plentiful globally, found on all six continents (minus Antarctica). According to researchers, there are over 3,500 identified mosquito species to date, possibly discovering more in the near future.

The Lifecycle Of The Mosquito

The mosquito’s lifecycle is extremely simple, acted out in three stages: egg, larvae, and adult. Each of these plays an essential role in our modern ecosystem:

  • Mosquitoes are a vital source of biomass (food) for thousands of animals.
  • Mosquitoes are important pollinators, especially for small or hard-to-reach plants.
  • Mosquito larvae remove harmful waste from stagnant water sources.
  • Mosquito saliva is medically important for humans and is being studied as an anti-clotting agent.

Mosquito Prevention Tips For Atlanta Property Owners

Although mosquitoes are undoubtedly vital to the ecosystem, these pests are still considered one of the world’s most dangerous animals. Keeping yourself, your pets, and your family safe from their bites should be a top priority in early spring and beyond. Fortunately, you have some options.

Prevention steps are a great first line of defense against pre-established infestations and can help stop serious mosquito problems from forming long before they dig into your lawn. Below are a few of the most helpful steps for averting, creating, and treating mosquito problems in your Atlanta yard:

  • The first and most obvious step for mosquito prevention begins with some adequate moisture control. Eliminate all areas of standing water, including fountains, potholes, ditches, and birdbaths. Consider applying some mosquito larvicide to exterminate any eggs or hatching larvae for all other areas that cannot be drained (including ponds or lakes).
  • Keep the lawn as well maintained as possible by mowing the grass, trimming tree branches, and pruning back bushes. Remove any unnecessary vegetation away from the sides of the home, particularly flowering plants.
  • Wear a combination of light-colored outfits, baggy clothes, and mosquito repellents to protect yourself from an incoming bite. If you’re concerned about the possibility of ankle bites, don some long socks that can tuck pants or jeans.

If managing mosquito control on your own seems daunting, reach out to local professionals for some helpful next steps. The team behind Tuxedo Mosquito Control is prepared to help at any time.

All The Ways Tuxedo Mosquito Control Can Protect Your Home From Mosquitoes

No matter how astute you are, it can be difficult to spot all the places mosquitoes could be breeding on your property. Their tiny bodies and rapid breeding schedules make it almost impossible to implement controls without help. Refuse to accept defeat with help from Tuxedo Mosquito Control, Atlanta’s helpful provider of abatements, treatments, and year-round programs. We don’t just get rid of mosquitoes – we get rid of them for good!

Call the main Atlanta office of Tuxedo Mosquito Control to request your mosquito service treatment at any time. Answer any questions you may have with one of our online experts by submitting a contact form. We’re standing by to serve you well!

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