The Best Long-Term Mosquito Control Solution For Your Atlanta Property

Atlanta is the mosquito capital of the United States. Those irritating pests love it here. So, what can you do about mosquitoes in Atlanta? Is there a way to keep mosquitoes away from your yard for good? Yes. The secret lies in understanding how mosquitoes behave and what works best to target them. Today, we'll look at mosquito control in Atlanta in a way you may have never looked at it before. We'll discuss how different types of mosquitoes find their way into your yard and what works best to get rid of mosquitoes. We'll also examine why spraying for mosquitoes in your yard works better than methods that repel mosquitoes. Most of all, we'll cover what spray method works best. Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about mosquito control. Enjoy!

Mosquito Means "Little Fly"

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The word mosquito is Spanish and Portuguese for a "little fly." While it is certainly an appropriate name for mosquitoes, the words "little" and "fly" can provide more insight into these insects. Let's dissect them

  • Little can mean a small amount or degree.
  • Fly means to move through the air.

So, can it be said that mosquitoes only fly through the air to a small degree or a small amount of time? Mosquitoes spend most of their time resting, not flying. In the short lifespan of a mosquito, most won't travel far. The tiger mosquito (a hazardous species) travels less than 300 yards in its lifetime.

Why should you know this? Because it reveals that eliminating the mosquitoes around your home will greatly impact how many mosquitoes you see in your yard and how many bites you get. It takes time for new mosquitoes to make their way into your yard. They don't just fly from yard to yard looking for someone to bite. They are not nearly that active or adventurous. They fly little. When you rid your yard of mosquitoes, new mosquitoes aren't going to move in the next day. It takes time.

For this reason, we believe the best way to keep mosquitoes away is not to repel them but to eliminate them. Doing so will also help guard you, your family, and your pets from diseases you can get from mosquitoes in Atlanta. Let's look at these next.

Mosquitoes Hanging Around Your Yard Can Be A Big Problem

When one female mosquito wanders into your yard, what happens? She lays eggs a hundred at a time. Those eggs hatch, and most of the mosquitoes that emerge remain around your home. You know what that means. The female mosquitoes are going to bite you and cause itchy welts. But that might only be the beginning of your troubles. While we don't prefer to focus on the dangers mosquitoes represent, it is essential to be aware that there is a danger to having mosquitoes around. Let's look at it this way:

  • Not all mosquitoes spread harmful viruses, but Atlanta is home to the three mosquito families representing the greatest health threat: Culex, Aedes, and Anopheles.
  • Culex mosquitoes spread West Nile virus and other viruses that cause brain swelling, such as St. Louis, Western equine, Eastern equine, and Japanese encephalitis.
  • Aedes mosquitoes are associated with yellow fever, dengue virus, Zika virus, and chikungunya, to name a few.
  • Anopheles mosquitoes spread malaria, which is linked to more than 700,000 deaths worldwide.
  • Not every mosquito that enters your yard is infected. They must contract diseases from infected humans or animals. 
  • West Nile virus is a localized virus. It exists in local animal populations. For this reason, it represents the greatest threat to public health.

There is no way to know when an infected mosquito or animal enters your yard. Therefore, the best solution for mosquito control is one that quickly addresses adult mosquitoes by eliminating them. 

Why Successful Mosquito Control Is A Year-Round Task In Atlanta

If you want long-term mosquito control, you need a year-round solution. You can't just get your yard sprayed one time. Mosquito treatments wear off. Your mosquito treatments must be applied routinely during mosquito season or you must invest in a misting system that provides treatments when you want them. 

The Most Effective Mosquito Control Solution For Your Yard

At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, we offer a range of solutions that target mosquitoes where they breed and hide on your property. These services knock down adult mosquitoes to prevent the spread of diseases and arrest activity. We treat breeding sites to prevent mosquito reproduction and reduce the misery of having hundreds of mosquitoes on your property. Here are a few ways we stand out from our competition:

  • When you get monthly mosquito spray service, we don't mix the product in the morning; we mix it before every job to ensure the best results.
  • We are the only company in Atlanta that installs tankless misting systems. A tankless misting solution allows you to control your applications as needed.
  • The products we use are tough on mosquitoes and gentle on the environment.
  • We specialize in mosquito control.
  • We back our services with a 100% guarantee.
  • We have a 4.9 average rating on Google.

Are you tired of mosquitoes ruining your outdoor fun? Contact Tuxedo Mosquito Control. No one does mosquito control better. Let our team find the right solution for your Atlanta property.

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