What Kind Of Warranty Is Offered?

At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, the total mosquito control solution we offer includes a warranty to our services, equipment and labor, so you are able to rest assured that you’ll be protected against more problems with mosquitos in your home’s outdoor spaces. We’re proud to include a solid two-year warranty on the MistAway Gen III+ system equipment and labor you’ve purchased, provided that you continue only using pyrethrum insecticide in your mosquito control system.

Comprehensive Maintenance Instructions Provided

The Atlanta area has many regions that can have problems with hard water, which can be problematic for the narrow nozzle tips if not properly maintained. For this reason, we provide you with comprehensive maintenance instructions. By following these instructions, you can keep hard water buildup from becoming a problem in your system, which will help extend the life of your nozzle tips significantly. By following these maintenance instructions, you can avoid problems caused by clogged nozzles that can damage your system.

Developed To Provide Years Of Reliable Service

The MistAway System has been developed to provide years of reliable service, with minimal maintenance and repair. There are thousands of Pyrethrum customers across the country using MistAway system have who have enjoyed many years of reliable service from their systems with little or no need for replacement parts.

Repair & Parts Readily Available

But what about if you do need warranty service on your system? Because the MistAway System is such a popular system, it’s easy to repair with a wide range of parts that are readily available. In fact, in order to prevent delays and inconvenience for our clients, we keep a full line of parts on hand for any necessary repairs that may come up. Though it’s rare that we need to provide warranty service, you can rest assured that any needed repairs can be taken care of quickly and effectively, minimizing the impact those repairs will have on your lifestyle and your enjoyment of the outdoors around your home.

As Atlanta’s leading mosquito misting and mosquito control company, we have the deep understanding and knowledge of the area that only comes from a family-operated business with five generations in Atlanta. Our knowledge of the area means we can help you protect your yard.