Discover Just How Effectively Pyrethrum Can Eliminate Insects

Is Pyrethrum Effective Against Any Other Insects?

Pyrethrum is the choice for people who hate insects but love the environment. Not only does pyrethrum kill mosquitoes, but pyrethrum can kill a variety of insects that can cause problems while still keeping you and your pets safe. Here’s how pyrethrum works and how it can make your time outdoors more pleasant and enjoyable!

How Pyrethrum Works

Pyrethrum is an insecticide that works on a wide variety of insects. Pyrethrum works by penetrating the insect’s cuticle and attacking the nervous system of the insect.

Pyrethrins, of which pyrethrum is a member, bind to cells that allow nerve signals in what is called the sodium channel, thus disrupting the nerves in their signals. The pyrethrins cause a nerve overload and shuts down the insect’s nervous system and kills it.

Pyrethrum degrades quickly in the environment and binds to organic matter and soil, thus making it less effective at killing pests in the ground.

Because it is a natural insecticide, it has been used for more than 100 years. Farmers used flower heads that were dried and crushed on plants that needed protection.

Highly toxic to mites and insects, but very low in toxicity to humans, it is an excellent choice for anyone with flying or crawling insect problems.

Pyrethrum Safety

Because pyrethrum degrades quickly (within minutes to hours) this insecticide is highly safe for people and cats and dogs. Though, pyrethrum is not for use near fish or water as it can be toxic to fish and doesn’t break down well in water.

Whether you are plagued by insects such as flies, gnats, mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, ticks, fleas, lice, chiggers, spiders, or any other bug, pyrethrum can take care of them. What’s more, you can trust in pyrethrum to be fast acting and safe when used as directed. We use pyrethrum at Tuxedo Mosquito to efficiently eliminate mosquitoes from your space. Call us for more information!

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