The Facts About Our Mosquito Insecticide

What Insecticide Does Tuxedo Mosquito Control Use?

Tuxedo Mosquito Control’s insecticide of choice is Pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is a natural insecticide made from chrysanthemum flowers. It has been used as an insecticide since it was discovered in Asia over 200 years ago, and it was even used to protect French soldiers from flea and body lice infestations during the Napoleonic Wars.

Pyrethrum Is Naturally Made

Pyrethrum is made from chemicals contained in chrysanthemum flowers. Originally, the flowers would simply be crushed and spread around the areas where insect control was needed. Today, the process is a little more complex to ensure consistency in Pyrethrum-based insecticides and to help make it easier to apply them, but naturally occurring Pyrethrum remains the only active ingredient.

How Pyrethrum Works

Pyrethrum overwhelms the nervous system of insects that come into contact with it. It prevents signals from being sent from the insect’s brain to the rest of its body, and the result is complete paralysis and eventually death.

Why Pyrethrum is Safe

Pyrethrum is low in toxicity and is difficult for people and pets to absorb into their bodies through casual contact. This means that brushing up against even freshly applied Pyrethrum is likely to go unnoticed. Symptoms of rashes, respiratory or eye irritation, and other allergy-like symptoms are only observed after having prolonged exposure to large quantities of Pyrethrum or ingesting it, and it takes even larger quantities for more serious side effects to be noticed.

Why Pyrethrum Provides a Lasting Solution

Pyrethrum directly penetrates into an insect’s nervous system. It is not ingested or absorbed into the bloodstream, so there is no chance for insects to develop an immunity to Pyrethrum. This provides a key advantage over other types of insecticides where it is possible for insects to develop an immunity. When those insecticides are used, the surviving insects become more resistant to the insecticide, pass the immunity on to future generations, and can only be controlled in the future through the use of increasingly harsh insecticides. With Pyrethrum, there is never a need to increase the dose or change to harsher chemicals.

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It is simple: If you want to forget about Mosquitos in your yard... CALL THEM.  Great service, fantastic 'set it and forget it' technology, with wonderful people backing it all up. We couldn't be happier with Tuxedo Mosquito Control!

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