Setting The Timer On Your Mosquito System

How Often Should I Set The Timer To Come On?

Tuxedo Mosquito Control knows that the Atlanta area has a wide range of conditions. Though our family has been serving the community as a family-owned business for five generations, we know that there may be some fine-tuning that needs to happen in your system to get it operating at peak efficiency for your home’s conditions.

The Initial Setup

As an initial setup, we always start our systems spraying two times a day for approximately 35 seconds per spraying session. Over the years that we’ve been installing MistAway systems in the greater Atlanta metro area, we’ve found this to be an effective initial setting that can then be customized to suit your conditions.

Setting Adjustments

After you’ve tried the initial setting, we can easily adjust your system if it’s necessary. Unforeseen conditions such as wind direction change, unknown wet areas that can increase mosquito populations, and similar issues can mean that you need more frequent or longer spraying sessions. Let us know and we’ll happily adjust the settings until we find a combination that provides optimum results for your situation.

Please note that your system will require some adjustments over the year. Nature is in constant change, so you’ll need to pay attention to let nature be your guide. Different pests may swarm and become active during different times of the year, requiring a change in your settings. Typically, this is optimized in the number of sprays during the day rather than the duration of the sprays, so adjusting the number up or down will usually fix the situation.

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 I would highly recommend Tuxedo Mosquito. Very professional organization. Installation was quick and service has been great. My wife, who seems to be a "mosquito magnet" spent the entire summer in our backyard without getting bit. Money well spent

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