Are Tuxedo Mosquito Misting Systems Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! Our mosquito spraying services are environmentally-friendly. After pyrethrum misting affects mosquitoes and other insects, it decomposes quickly and harmlessly.

Tuxedo Mosquito misting systems are environmentally friendly.

This beautiful backyard is mosquito-free thanks to Tuxedo Mosquito Control.

Pyrethrum is a natural plant product.

Tuxedo Mosquito’s pyrethrum insecticide does not leave a residue like other chemicals and synthetic compounds.

Pyrethrum is a plant-based insecticide derived from a species of the chrysanthemum flower. It is a combination of several compounds, called pyrethrins and cinerins, that occur naturally in the blooms and of the Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium plant. In ancient times, the flowers were ground to make an insecticidal powder, but it is now distilled from the flowers. Pyrethrum is 10 to 100 percent safer than other insecticides because it breaks down quickly in the environment.

How fast does pyrethrum break down?

The primary mode of elimination of pyrethrums in the environment occurs through photolysis, the process of breaking down compounds via the absorption of light. This means that pyrethrum breaks down quickly in sunlight. The residual pyrethrum from your misting system breaks down into harmless compounds within hours. In addition, our mosquito misting systems do not pose a risk to either your soil or nearby sources of water, as pyrethrums are water insoluble and are immobile in the soil.

Because pyrethrums lose their effectiveness within hours, our mosquito misting systems automatically mix and sprays a new solution throughout the day to keep invading mosquitoes at bay.

How does pyrethrum work?

Pyrethrum works by entering an insect’s nervous system where it causes paralysis to the nerves and eventually causes death. Because it is a natural product, it is approved for organic gardening and is considered safe for humans.

The active ingredients in our plant-based insecticide cannot enter the bodies of humans and pets through the skin and harm the nervous system as it does with insects. If pyrethrum is accidentally ingested or inhaled, the body of most mammals metabolizes the compounds quickly and breaks them down to nontoxic compounds that are then eliminated from the body in urine and feces. Pyrethrum may pose a health risk to outdoor cats who chew on recently sprayed foliage, but any risks are soon eliminated by the exposure to sunlight.

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