The Presence Of Zika In Atlanta, GA

Does The CDC Acknowledge Zika Being In Atlanta, Georgia?

In short, yes. The CDC does acknowledge Zika being in Atlanta, Georgia. People were found within Atlanta, Georgia with the Zika virus. There were many travel-related cases found in Atlanta alone within the past few months.

The CDC recently confirmed that all of the infected women in the U.S. contracted the Zika virus by travel. Though, the CDC does not acknowledge that Zika is being transmitted locally within Atlanta, Georgia. The CDC states that the Zika virus is being transmitted locally only in Florida and three other U.S. territories.

The difference between local transmission and otherwise is that the Zika virus is not being transmitted within Georgia, but rather found in individual cases from people who contracted the disease elsewhere.

Zika Virus Epidemic

Present & Future of Zika In The Americas

Zika is spread mostly by mosquitoes. It has presently caused over 1,500 cases of birth defects in Latin America, and that number is spreading quickly to the United States. The largest concentration of the Zika virus resides in Puerto Rico. Scientists continue to study this growing epidemic and its effects, and research is proving the virus to be more dangerous than before. New information is being learned on the virus every day. Health officials throughout the US now acknowledging that Zika prevention is needed in the US. Chances for contracting the Zika virus in the US increased at an explosive rate over the summer of 2016 and will continue to do so until the weather gets cold.

Bottom Line: Get Quality Mosquito Control

Really, the best way to prevent any mosquito-borne disease, including Zika, is to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes in the first place. Scientists don’t need to share that with you. It’s a no-brainer.

You Can Help Prevent The Spread of Zika

The CDC recommends people take precautions such as covering arms and legs with long pants and sleeves during mosquito-prone times of the day. Make sure to use a CDC-recommended mosquito repellent because citronella, eucalyptus, and other home remedies may not be as effective as advertised. It is critical that pregnant women follow these instructions closely to avoid infection and the possible birth defects that follow.

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