When Is The Best Time For Tuxedo Mosquito Services?

March to November is generally the best time for mosquito control. Both Atlanta, Charleston, and Nashville maintain temperatures above 50 °F for most of the year, allowing mosquitoes to remain active throughout that time.

Spring, Summer, & Fall Mosquito Control

Once temperatures fall below 50 °F, some species of mosquitoes look for a place to hibernate, while others will lay eggs in water that will hatch when the temperatures get warm again.

At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, we normally stop our service when temperatures drop below 50°. It is a waste of money to continue spraying after the mosquitoes go into hibernation. We restart our service once temperatures climb above 50°.

Get Mosquito Control When You Need It

Tuxedo Mosquito Control services efficiently and effectively eliminate mosquitoes. We provide excellent mosquito control in Charleston, Atlanta, and Nashville whenever needed. With Tuxedo Mosquito Control services, the outdoors can be fully enjoyed at any time of the year, be it mosquito season or not. Contact us today for more information.