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How To Naturally Avoid Mosquito Bites In Atlanta

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Being bitten by a mosquito may seem inevitable if you live in Atlanta, especially during summer. However, there are a few ways that you can learn to naturally shift from becoming a moving target for these pests to being practically incognito. Read on to learn about the lifecycle of mosquitoes and the dangerous diseases that mosquitoes can spread. We also offer six eco-friendly tips on mosquito prevention and how the professionals at Tuxedo Mosquito Control utilize eco-friendly mosquito control solutions. 

The Lifecycle of Mosquitoes 

Mosquitoes have four distinct life stages: egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. The first three stages take place in water, and only as adults do mosquitoes take flight as winged insects.

  1. The egg phase occurs after the female mosquito has consumed blood and is ready to lay her eggs in or near very shallow water. Eggs hatch in time, depending on weather and temperature when they reach the water.

  2. When the eggs hatch, mosquitoes enter the next stage as larvae. Larvae continue to feed into the water, shedding multiple times until entering the next phase.

  3. As pupa, mosquitoes don't feed but instead enter into a cocoon-like casing, where they'll remain in a few days to a week.

  4. When the pupa emerges, the mosquito is officially an adult and flies away to continue on the cycle. 

The Dangerous Diseases Mosquito Bites Can Spread

Mosquitoes are known for spreading certain diseases, which result in millions of human fatalities worldwide each year. This is also why you should take mosquito prevention and control so seriously.  

Some of the diseases that mosquitoes have been linked to spreading are:

  • Chikungunya virus

  • Yellow fever

  • Dengue 

  • Malaria 

  • Zika virus

  • West Nile virus 

Six Eco-Friendly Mosquito Prevention Tips

Aside from professional pest control services, the most effective way to keep mosquitoes away from you and your Atlanta home or business is with preventative action. Here are six practical and eco-friendly ways to prevent mosquitoes from being attracted to you or your property:

  1. Remove Any Standing Water: Standing water may be present in dips in your lawn, as well as in and around clogged gutters and drains. Other areas include birdbaths, trash can lids, grill covers, kiddy pools, flowerpots, buckets, or wheelbarrows that have been filled with rainwater.

  2. Place Screens On All Windows And Doors: Because mosquitoes are attracted to anything that's floral-scented, they may also be drawn to floral perfumes, deodorizes, room sprays, candles, lotions, and diffusers inside of your home. If there's an open window or a door with a cracked screen, it'll offer them easy entry.

  3. Wear Light-Colored Clothing: Mosquitoes are drawn more to people in dark-colored clothing because dark colors retain heat more than light colors do. If you're going to be out and about in Atlanta for the day, opt for dressing in lighter, more breathable colors.

  4. Keep Your Yard Space Groomed: Overgrown plants and shrubs, too-tall grass, piles of fallen, raked leaves, and branches scattered about provide shelter that's ideal for mosquitoes and other pests.

  5. Enlist The Help Of Mosquito-Repelling Plants: Some plants have smells that mosquitoes detest, such as citronella grass, basil, and lavender. Scatter these throughout your yard for an added defense.

  6. If You Have A Pond On Your Property: You should add gambusia, a mosquito-eating fish that will help eat the eggs and larvae before they have the chance to leave the water.

The Pros With Eco-Friendly Mosquito Solutions

Using Eco-friendly mosquito solutions will help keep mosquitoes at bay during the interim periods between professional pest control services from locally-owned and operated business Tuxedo Mosquito Control. Another benefit of eco-friendly services is that they won't harm the environment, including pets, plants, and other wildlife. 

Tuxedo Mosquito Control has been serving the residents of Atlanta for more than 20 years, and we are skilled, equipped, and ready to meet the needs of your pest situation. Keep your home and property clean of mosquitoes by calling Tuxedo Mosquito Control today at (678) 726-1825.

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