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How Mosquitoes Detect People In Atlanta

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Mosquitoes are so pesky and annoying. If there's one pest that people can’t stand, it's the mosquito. This mostly has to do with the itchy bites that they leave behind, and these mosquito bites are more than just frustrating. They can also be dangerous as mosquitoes can transmit diseases. However, you might be wondering how mosquitoes in Atlanta actually find people to bite. They seem extremely good at this, and it can be difficult to evade them even using things like repellents. Find out how mosquitoes detect people and learn more about Atlanta mosquito control for mosquitoes in this guide.

How To Identify Mosquitoes

To understand mosquitoes, you first have to identify mosquitoes. Overall, they are a reasonably simple pest to spot as most people are aware of their presence as they are flying around, but if you notice them biting your skin, it’s a telltale sign. Mosquitoes are flying insects that have translucent wings and six legs. They are often grayish, but they can have varying markings and colorations. Their most identifying feature is a proboscis. This mouthpart looks like a tiny needle, and it’s used to suck blood or nectar. It’s also worth noting that only the female mosquitoes drink blood as they use the protein to lay their eggs.

Why Carbon Dioxide Attracts Mosquitoes

One of the main ways that female mosquitoes find a human or animal to bite is by releasing carbon dioxide. When we breathe, we release carbon dioxide, and female mosquitoes have nerve cells that allow them to detect this quite easily. 

This is a pretty astounding ability, and it’s why mosquitoes will seem to find you when you are outdoors. According to some studies, besides detecting people with the release of carbon dioxide that we breathe, mosquitoes might also be able to see other scents on our skin. Some people seem more prone to mosquito bites than others, which could also have to do with factors such as blood type. 

Other Scents That Attract Mosquitoes To People

While the carbon dioxide we let out when we exhale is one of the main ways mosquitoes detect us, some other scents and compounds could draw in mosquitoes. They also can detect the smell of sweat. So, if you’re outside after working out or in the hot sun, you could be more likely to deal with mosquito bites.

Secondly, sweet and floral scents can attract mosquitoes. Since these pests can also drink nectar, they can be drawn in by floral-scent perfumes or even things like sugary drinks and treats. It’s a good idea to avoid planting too many flowers around your yard, and if you are outside, avoid wearing strong, sweet scents. While there are a few things you can do on your own to make yourself less appealing to mosquitoes, the best way to get mosquito control is with help from the experts. Tuxedo Mosquito Control provides ongoing pest professional services to eradicate these pests. 

The Most Effective Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yard

Don’t let these dangerous pests remain around your yard. Call Tuxedo Mosquito Control today to learn more about how our pest professional plans can help. We are experts at dealing with these dangerous pests, so find out more about our treatment plans. You can also request a quote or book an inspection.

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