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How Does Mosquito Misting Service In Marietta Work?

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Mosquitoes can seem impossible to avoid in Marietta. With their annoying buzzing and the itchy bites they leave behind, they’re capable of ruining anyone’s outdoor plans if they’re allowed to fester around the yard. If you’re one of many people living here that would love to enjoy the sunny, warm weather we have in the summer, mosquitoes can quickly put a damper on your fun.

Luckily, there is a solution: mosquito misting. Never again will you have to rely on citronella candles or messy DIY solutions: Tuxedo Mosquito offers automated misting services that are the perfect way to keep your Marietta yard mosquito-free. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how mosquito misting works, the potential benefits of the system, and why to call Tuxedo Mosquito Control for expert mosquito misting services in Marietta. 

What Is Mosquito Misting?

Mosquito misting services were originally developed for farms and agricultural sites, used to keep mosquitoes off the livestock during the summer months. However, they’ve quickly become a popular solution for homeowners, giving them the ability to safely and effectively manage mosquito presence around their property.

Mosquito misting involves devices or sprays that release relevant pesticides in the form of a mist. Generally, the intent is to treat mosquito harborage points, the high-traffic areas throughout your yard where mosquitoes spend most of their time. By strategically applying coverage to these areas with mosquito misters, you can help put a stop to active mosquito activity while also limiting their breeding in the future. 

Tuxedo Mosquito misting systems consist of:

  • A reservoir that holds the spray
  • A motor and pump to power it
  • A timer and remote control to signal activation
  • Tubing and misting nozzles which disperse the mist

Mosquitoes spend most of their lives in water, hatching from eggs into larvae and from there developing into pupae and, finally, into mature adults. Female mosquitoes need pools of standing water to lay their eggs, so these areas are always hotbeds of activity for mosquitoes. This is also where we focus our misting systems around for maximum effectiveness. 

Is Mosquito Misting Dangerous? 

By design, misters should only emit enough pesticide to harm mosquitoes. At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, safety is a priority. Customers shouldn’t have to worry about being exposed to harsh chemicals, their pets getting sick, or their greenery being killed. 

What's The Mosquito Misting Process?

No two homes are alike, so the first step in the mosquito misting process is to visit your home to perform a thorough inspection to determine exactly what areas need to be addressed. When you call Tuxedo Mosquito Control for misting services, one of our trained and certified technicians will visit your home to closely inspect your outdoor area and general setup, identifying the most likely mosquito hangouts around your property. 

After inspecting your property, we’ll put together a specific plan and proposal for your specific residential mosquito misting system. We’ll make sure you’re aware of exactly what’s being installed, where stations are being installed, and what needs to be done to manage them. 

Finally, the technicians at Tuxedo Mosquito Control will strategically employ our MistAway Gen III+ system, which is automated and tankless. It will carefully distribute doses of insecticide at timed intervals on your landscaping, addressing problem areas and effectively creating a barrier against mosquitoes.

Once installed, the MistAway system will activate automatically, spraying 2-3 times per day, killing the mosquitoes on your property without you so much as lifting a finger. However, we’ll also provide you with a remote control so that you can activate the system yourself at will, such as if you want to ensure that you’re inside when misting occurs.

No matter how you want your yard covered, mosquito misting systems from Tuxedo Mosquito are the perfect solution!

Who Do I Call About Mosquito Misting Services? 

Tuxedo Mosquito Control staff will inspect your property and work with you on an installation and management plan for the mosquito misting systems. We also provide regular and one-time event spraying. Call us today for a free quote and more information on our ways to repel mosquitoes!

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