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Dunwoody Homeowners' Handy Guide To Effective Mosquito Prevention

Mosquito on skin

Summer has returned to Dunwoody, causing people to head back outdoors and enjoy the nice sunny weather. However, with the return of warm, humid weather comes the return of mosquitoes. If your yard provides ample opportunities for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in standing water, then their populations will increase exponentially.

Mosquitoes in Dunwoody and across the country are dangerous. Luckily, Tuxedo Mosquito Control can assist you in preventing them. In this informative guide, we’ll equip homeowners with all the tools and knowledge they need to minimize their risk for mosquito bites this summer.

Mosquitoes: Habits And Behaviors Of The Little Fly

The name “mosquito” literally means “little fly” in Spanish. If you’ve lived in Dunwoody for an extended period of time, you are no doubt familiar with them: winged insects with six legs and identifiable by their elongated snout, called a proboscis. While the name is certainly accurate, in that they are typically very small at only about a third of an inch long, they do not behave the way most typical flies do. 

Both male and female mosquitoes are pollinators, using their proboscis to suck up pollen in plants. However, they’re more notorious for their secondary function: sucking up the blood of animals. Only female insects seek blood because it’s a must for their egg production, so only the female mosquito will bite. Their bites leave irritation and a slight bump as a skin reaction to their saliva. 

Mosquitoes need bodies of standing water to procreate, so that’s where they’re most often found. If your Dunwoody yard has objects that allow stagnant water to develop, such as pools, gutters, fountains, or debris, you can expect mosquitoes to hang out in the vicinity. They will also collect near the plants they use to feed. 

Mosquitoes in Dunwoody will fly through an open foundation hole, door, or window. The first place they’ll go is somewhere quiet, dark, and moist. You might notice one hiding in a closet corner, laundry room sink, or basement box. It won’t be unclear if there’s an infestation; having frequent bites and seeing mosquitoes is enough. 

Itchy Bites, Allergic Reactions, And Dangerous Diseases

Once more, your mosquito bites are aggravated and red because of a physical response to insect saliva. Every time these bugs absorb the blood of an animal or person infected with a disease, they could spread the illness and its associated symptoms to another being. 

Mosquitoes are host to a number of potentially dangerous diseases, including yellow fever, Zika virus, malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue fever, and West Nile virus. 

Five Easy And Effective Mosquito Prevention Tips

While mosquitoes can seem unavoidable in Dunwoody, there are luckily a few tips you can use to minimize your risk of getting them in your yard or on your yard. Here are five key steps you should try to protect yourself from mosquitoes:

  1. Mow your lawn frequently 
  2. Remove sources of standing water from your yard, such as pet drinking bowls, tires, or other water-holding objects
  3. Ensure your gutters are draining properly
  4. While outdoors, wear long-sleeve, bright-colored clothing whenever possible 
  5. Trim the plants around your yard, and consider planting mosquito-repelling plants such as peppermint

While these tips can minimize the mosquito presence around your home, they may not be enough to completely prevent them - and they won’t be enough to combat an active infestation that’s already ongoing. 

If mosquitoes are already biting around your Dunwoody home, there’s only one tried and tested solution to get rid of them: professional mosquito treatment from a trusted pest control provider. 

The Trick To Total Mosquito Control For Dunwoody Homes 

We at Tuxedo Mosquito Control have treatments for mosquitoes that are more affordable, robust, and safe than retail pesticides and other products. Our MistAway Gen III+ is an automated and tankless misting system that’s top-tier. It applies a low-risk insecticide to your landscaping at timed intervals. Two to three sprays a day will exterminate mosquitoes and create a shield against new intruders. Get a free quote when you call today! 

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