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What's The Best Mosquito Misting System For My Dunwoody Yard?

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What Is A Mosquito Misting System?

There are a few different methods pest control companies use to deal with mosquitoes. One popular method is misting. Misting utilizes a mister and a potent mosquito treatment to treat yards. We target areas of your property where mosquitoes might breed or land. A misting system is installed and runs completely independent of a technician. This defensive measure is a great way to eliminate these pests before they become a problem for you and your family. One thing to keep in mind is that mosquitoes have to land in order to be affected by any form of control. For this reason, no treatment is 100% effective. If these pests fly in from off your property and do not land before attacking, you can still be bitten. That said, misting is one of the absolute best ways to reduce populations and prevent these harmful pests.

Are Mosquito Misting Systems Harmful?

Mosquito misting systems are designed to be harmful to mosquitoes. When used properly, they pose no risk to humans or pets. The biggest potential harm comes from ingesting the fluid used for misting. Because it is applied as a mist, the chances of a person ingesting a high enough quantity are low. However, it is not recommended to stand in the mist while it is spraying. Most homeowners will activate their system for 15 to 20 minutes before going outdoors.

What Are The Benefits Of A Mosquito Misting System?

Most mosquito control methods have to be re-applied every few months and more often during times of inclement weather. The biggest benefit of a misting system is that it remains effective year-round. The only thing that is needed is a replacement of the solution when the system runs dry. This process is incredibly easy. Homeowners usually choose to refill their system themselves because of how easy it is. To find out if a misting system is the right mosquito solution for your property, we highly recommend scheduling your property for an inspection. Our team at Tuxedo Mosquito Control would be happy to investigate the severity of your problem and walk you through all of our mosquito control options. We are experts in our field and have everything you need to enjoy this summer without mosquito bites.

What's The Best Mosquito Misting System For My Yard?

Take some time today to think about mosquito control. Is a misting system your absolute best option to keep these pests at bay? Only you can know. To get better informed about mosquito treatment options in Dunwoody, let one of our technicians pay your property a visit. We are well-educated and will provide you with all the information you need to make a decision. If you are planning an outdoor gathering off your property and want protection against mosquitoes, ask us about our single service options.

Call today to find out what pest control in Dunwoody is best for your mosquito problem and schedule your property for a detailed service visit.

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