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How To Find And Destroy Mosquito Eggs On Your Marietta Property

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The Life Cycle Of Common Mosquitoes

A mosquito does not live a long life, especially if it is slapped before it can reach its full potential. Even if it survives its whole life, these pests only get about a week as adults. They spend this time feeding on plant nectar and breeding. If you didn’t know, only female mosquitoes bite. They need blood to provide nutrients for their eggs. Eggs are laid inside sources of stagnant water around properties and take about eight to ten days to develop into adulthood. The more water build-up there is on your property, the more likely you will be to have mosquito problems. 

How To Identify Potential Mosquito Breeding Spots Around Your Yard

There are many areas around a property where mosquitoes might breed. Some common areas include birdbaths, ornate pools, and lakes. After rainfall, mosquitoes breed inside containers, toys, and other objects that collect rainwater. Another trouble area is inside gutters. Unmaintained gutters are a great secluded place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. We recommend going out and checking your property for areas where water has or might build up. This awareness will help you prevent these annoying and sometimes dangerous pests.

How Destroying Mosquito Eggs Aids In Prevention 

Disturbing a water source or pouring it out eliminates mosquito eggs. The more vigilant you are at eliminating breeding grounds around your property, the fewer problems you will have with these pests. If you are unsure about how to eliminate breeding grounds, here are some tips and tricks to consider.

  • Pour out rainwater that collects inside toys, containers, and other items around your property.
  • Have your gutters cleaned once a year and make sure they are in good working condition.
  • Terraform your property to reduce areas where puddles occur.
  • Change the water in ornate pools and birdbaths once every five days.
  • Consider stocking ponds on your property with mosquito fish. 
  • Utilize your pool at least once a week or have it treated for mosquitoes.

Although helpful, these DIY tips will not guarantee that these annoying pests stay away. The best way to control mosquitoes is with a professional mosquito control plan. We offer comprehensive solutions for these yard pests at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. Let out team pay your property a visit and implement fast-working treatments to give these pests the boot.

Contact The Pros For Total Mosquito Egg Elimination

At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, we believe that no property owner should have to deal with mosquitoes in their yard. These pests are incredibly annoying and sometimes pose a serious threat to human health. Our team understands how to get rid of mosquitoes outside and offers plans for residential and commercial properties as well as outdoor event centers. These services will be custom fit to meet your individual needs. It's that easy. 

Call now if you have questions about the types of mosquitoes in our area and find a control plan that best meets your needs. Let us show you why homeowners trust Tuxedo Mosquito Control for their Marietta pest control needs.

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