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Marietta's Guide To The Symptoms And Treatment Of Mosquito Bites

Mosquito on skin

Do you know about the different types of mosquitoes around Marietta? The only kind you need to be concerned with is the female mosquitoes because they are the ones that bite you for your blood. Female mosquitoes are the real reason you run inside, itching your legs because male mosquitoes do not require blood from a host. 

Since mosquitoes breed so quickly, they can seem like an unending force upon your Marietta home. If you want to take your home back, you need to look into different ways to kill mosquitoes before they take over. If you reach out to a Marietta Pest control company, you'll find you can efficiently deal with these pesky intruders around your property.

What Happens When A Female Mosquito Bites You

The reason only female mosquitoes bite you is related to breeding and the well-being of their eggs. Females need a blood host to provide nutrients to their eggs, which won't thrive without it. However, before females can lay eggs, they must bite you. While you might think it's the blood loss that makes the wound itch, it's not. 

When a female mosquito bites you, it spits on you into the wound. This saliva from the female mosquito causes an itchy reaction long after they are gone. After the mosquito has your blood and nourishes their eggs, the female mosquito must lay them. Mosquitoes are dependent on still water to lay their eggs, which you can combat against by eliminating still water around your home.

Not All Mosquito Bites Will Lead To Disease

Not every mosquito that bites you will leave you with a fatal disease. If that were the case, most of the human race would be dead. However, there are still many risks that can occur from a typical mosquito bite. Watch out for these effects caused by mosquitoes:

  • Small blistering areas.
  • Hard bumps.
  • Puffy welp-like areas.
  • Bruised colored areas.

You should still be inclined to find ways to get rid of mosquitoes even if you don't catch a disease from them. You could have a bad reaction to their bite and end up with a compromised immune system or need medical attention.

How To Treat A Mosquito Bite And Symptoms To Watch For

Do you know how to treat mosquito bites properly? If you don't take care of a bite, it can lead to infection or irritation due to how itchy it can become. Here are simple steps you can take to ensure that you treat the affected area properly:

  • Gently wash the area with soap and warm water.
  • Place ice against the affected area to reduce any swelling.
  • Apply over-the-counter anti-itch cream if needed.
  • Use a mix of baking soda and water to minimize itch if needed.
  • Press a warm spoon against the affected area to reduce irritation if needed.

Do not scratch a mosquito bite, as this is how it can become infected. In some cases, scratching the bites can cause them to swell and feel warm. If you have any symptoms beyond an occasional itch, you should seek medical help.

Contact The Professionals For The Best Mosquito Advice And Control

Our team at Tuxedo Mosquito Control is the best way to control mosquitoes when they build around your home. You'll find that when you have a goal of a world without mosquitoes, then we have the solution for you. At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, we provide you with options that best fit your needs and your property. 

From installing systems to scheduled spraying, we can help eliminate your home of these irritating pests in no time. We look forward to helping you get back to enjoying the outside with your family and pets. Give our team at Tuxedo Mosquito Control a call for more information today.

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