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How To Naturally Make Your East Cobb Property Less Attractive To Mosquitoes

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There are many ways to get rid of mosquitoes around your property in East Cobb. However, not all of them will work, some can cost a lot of time or money, and some might use harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good. There is a better way to rid your yard in East Cobb of these pests. A professional team that specializes in pest control in East Cobb could be the solution to you getting back outside. Before that, here are a few steps you can take to keep the mosquito population down.

The Role Mosquitoes Play In The Ecosystem

Mosquitoes provide a food source to many different animals in the ecosystem. When laid as eggs in water, tadpoles and fish eat them. When they’re flying around as adults, you’ll find that bats, frogs, and spiders are their main predators. Over the years, there have been studies that detail what a world without them would look like. 

As it happens, in most of these studies, the elimination of mosquitoes would seem to have minimal impact on the environment as a whole because they are just a minuscule source of food for those predators. Mosquitoes kill upwards of a million people each year and inflict deadly diseases onto hundreds of millions. When you offset the good among the amount of damage mosquitoes cause, it becomes apparent that these pests are not worth what they contribute to the ecosystem.

The Multiple Problems Mosquitoes Can Cause Around Your Home

Mosquitoes can cause a whole slew of problems around your home. First and foremost, mosquitoes carry diseases and pathogens that can cause you to become very sick, even to the point of death. They transmit Zika, West Nile, malaria, and even yellow fever. That’s not even half of the illnesses you can catch from them, so you must take mosquito bites seriously if you start to feel bad after. 

Another problem they can cause around your home is making it unbearable to enjoy the outdoors. They are most active around dawn and dusk, sunrise and sunset. This can be frustrating if you get home from work or social commitments around five and want to spend time in your backyard before it’s dark out. You’ll have to run back inside or get swarmed with itchy bites everywhere.

Five Naturally Effective Mosquito Prevention Tips For Your Property

Natural ways to kill mosquitoes are not hard to come by, so here are five tips you can use around your property:

  • Reduce or eliminate any stagnant water around your property.
  • Plant peppermint or vanilla plants around your home.
  • Spray your yard with lemon or eucalyptus oil.
  • Crush up coffee grounds and spread them around your home.
  • Install screen doors and fans around your home.

These five tips can help you put a damper on the number of mosquitoes that turn up around your home. While using these tips won’t have the same drastic effect as calling a professional team, they can still help. By taking these steps, you can get the jump on protecting your family and getting back outside.

The Most Effective Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control For Your Yard

In any case, you can find the most effective mosquito control from a professional team like ours at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. We know all the different types of mosquitoes that can be plaguing your home and the most effective ways to deal with them. It isn’t exactly possible for all of us to experience a world without mosquitoes, but we can surely get rid of the ones around your home. 

You shouldn’t feel the need to retreat inside all the time, not when our team at Tuxedo Mosquito Control can help. We have both misting systems and spray services, among many other treatment options for you to choose from. At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, we work to your schedule and find a protection plan that works for your needs. So when you’re looking for the best way to control mosquitoes and get rid of them from your home, give us a call!

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