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What Foods To Avoid To Avoid Atlanta’s Mosquitoes

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When living in a humid climate like Georgia, dealing with mosquitoes can be a concern. While there are many ways to repel these pests, taking an internal approach may also help. Consider a diet change-up after discovering what foods to avoid to escape Atlanta’s mosquitoes. It might be time to ask Tuxedo Mosquito Control for sound advice.

The Scoop On Mosquito Bites

When mosquitoes bite, they are not looking for a tasty take-out meal. The females are the biters of the group, and they do so not out of hunger but out of necessity. These pesky ladies need a protein found in blood to produce and then lay their eggs. Research shows that mosquitoes bite certain people more than others based on a variety of factors: blood type, carbon dioxide emitted, body odor, pregnancy, clothing color, and body heat. Another interesting component that can make one person more attractive to mosquitoes is diet. While some of these factors can’t be adjusted,  your diet modifications can easily be altered to deter these bugs.

Foods That Attract Mosquitoes

Knowing what foods to keep away from to avoid Atlanta’s mosquitoes begins with understanding what primarily attracts these insects. Don’t worry if some of your favorites appear on the list - forgo them the day before heading on an outdoor trip.

  • Beer: One effect of drinking this alcoholic beverage is that the subject’s body temperature increases, attracting mosquitoes. Drinkers’ inhibitions are also reduced, making them less likely to take precautions against getting bitten.
  • Salty Foods: Some favorite picnic foods like pretzels, chips, and lunchmeat are top culprits, as they have large amounts of added salt. Dairy products typically contain high levels of natural sodium too.
  • Potassium-Rich Foods: Bananas, kiwis, and avocados may be good for the body but not necessarily for repelling mosquitoes.
  • Sweets: Who can blame these buzzing insects for having a craving for sweets? Taking a break from sugary snacks and drinks can aid in the body’s natural ability to deter mosquitoes.

Foods That Repel Mosquitoes

There are plenty of appetizing foods to enjoy when seeking to avoid mosquitoes in Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, these items are readily available, so it shouldn’t be too hard to pick up a few:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Ingesting this type of vinegar is thought to help people avoid mosquitoes; the trick is consuming enough of this liquid to make it completely effective.
  • Certain Fruits Sometimes Eaten As Vegetables: Chili peppers pack a powerful punch of capsaicin, a compound that gives this type of food its hot flavor that may also add to deterring mosquitoes. Tomatoes are a popular summer crop for backyard gardeners; eating them may even ward off this nasty pest.
  • Legumes: Eating protein-rich lentils and legumes may not sound like a typical summer meal, but incorporating these foods into the daily diet may help fend off mosquitoes.
  • Lemongrass: This plant is often grown for culinary use in Asian fare; this plant also contains oils that repel mosquitoes.  Use this helpful ingredient in chicken or seafood dishes.  
  • Specific Vegetables: Some consider the scent of onions (including chives) a natural mosquito repellent, so it seems only natural that eating enough of these veggies can work as well. Garlic is known to have a similar effect.  Interestingly enough, these foods pair well with one another.

Want To Learn More?

This topic is important for anyone living in this part of the Southeast. Anyone seeking more information about what foods to keep away from to avoid Atlanta mosquitoes or any other mosquito-related topic can get trusted answers from our respected professionals at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. We’re known as the mosquito control experts in Atlanta because we provide the best protection against these pests. We offer both residential as well as commercial mosquito control solutions.

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