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Can You Be Allergic To Mosquito Bites In Atlanta?

Mosquito on skin

Anyone familiar with mosquitoes knows about the pain these bugs can inflict, but can you be allergic to mosquito bites in Atlanta? The short answer is, “yes.” These flying brutes are out for blood but can be stopped with the highly effective sprays and mists we use at Tuxedo Mosquito Control.

Atlanta Mosquitoes 101

Culex mosquitoes can be gray and white with colors like green, silver, and blue interspersed; a distinct sheen may be obvious too. Anopheles mosquitoes may be brown or gray with white or light-colored flecks. Aedes mosquitoes have white striped legs with a darker color overall. When it comes to blaming mosquitoes for biting, the males are innocent. It is also a false assumption to think mosquitoes are out to enjoy a delicious meal when seeking human flesh, as it is the need for procreation that drives the biting. The females of this species are the ones out for blood in hopes of gaining the necessary nutrients they need to create and lay their eggs.

Mosquito Bites

Crimson sores are a common sight observed on legs, ankles, and arms in the warmer months around the greater metro Atlanta region. Being bitten by a mosquito typically falls into one of two categories:

1) Bad: When a female mosquito bites a human, she inserts her proboscis through the skin and proceeds to withdraw blood. While feeding, her saliva is secreted into the person. The body’s reaction to this insect’s saliva generally results in a red bump with intense itching. These sores can be seen and felt within minutes of the bite or may take over a day.

2) Worse: While most people understand the discomfort that comes with a mosquito bite, some exhibit more sensitivity - namely, children, anyone with autoimmune diseases, and those bitten by a particular mosquito species for the first time. Can you be allergic to mosquito bites in Atlanta?

Skeeter syndrome can refer to allergic reactions some mosquito bite victims experience. Symptoms may include hives, swelling, fever, and in extreme cases, anaphylactic shock. Individuals with these reactions need medical attention, and an emergency room visit may even be recommended.

Mosquito Prevention Tips

Avoid being bitten in the first place by deterring mosquitoes from the yard, inside the home, and when enjoying outdoor activities. Take precautionary steps to keep those blood-thirsty bugs at bay:

  • Around The Property: Start with safeguarding those Atlanta yards first. Get rid of any stagnant or standing water that may have gathered but didn’t evaporate. Remember: mosquitoes don’t need much water, so dump everything! Don’t just empty water; remove items where water has collected so it won’t collect again. 
  • In The Home: Ensure all screens are in tip-top shape. It only takes one compromised screen to welcome mosquitoes and other pests inside. Don’t linger in doorways and keep doors closed to keep these bugs out of the house. 
  • When Headed Out: Preparation is key when avoiding being bitten. Spray outdoor gear, shoes, hats, socks, and clothes with permethrin. Use a repellent that contains DEET or lemon eucalyptus for the skin. Avoid lingering outside at times. Mosquitoes are known for being active: dawn and dusk.

Taking Care Of Mosquitoes For Good

Can you be allergic to mosquito bites in Atlanta? Even if the answer isn’t “yes”, it’s wise to consider pest control options. Professionals are needed when Georgia homeowners are ready to take serious measures to keep mosquitoes away from their properties. Contact our knowledgeable technicians at Tuxedo Mosquito Control for information on our mosquito misting and mosquito spraying services. Learn how we successfully combat mosquitoes around the home!

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