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How To Treat A Mosquito Bite

Child scratching legs while being swarmed by mosquitoes

When Service Is Not Active

Here at Tuxedo Mosquito, we have a multitude of proven mosquito prevention options. These options can make sure the abundance of mosquitoes is kept to a minimum. However, should you have to cancel a mosquito spraying appointment or your misting levels have run low, we have outlined some tips to address the occasional mosquito bite in the meantime.

What Do Mosquito Bites Look Like?

Mosquito bite appearance can vary from person to person but the mosquito bites typically swell to the size of a dime and last about a day. However, some who are more sensitive to mosquito bites can swell to the size of grapefruits and linger for days. 

Addressing The Bite

When you first notice a mosquito bite be sure to not aggravate the bite area by scratching the bite. Instead, you should give it a light washing with soap and water. Antihistamines will also help mitigate itching and swelling although the results are not immediate, it can help the inflamed area return to normal. Also, a cold compress can provide some immediate relief for swelling.

Skip The Treatment & Stay Protected 

These tips can be of assistance for addressing mosquito bites and mitigating their symptoms. However, at Tuxedo Mosquito, we can make sure that you have a proactive approach to stopping mosquitoes before they get the chance to bite. Our mosquito misting system is a long-term solution with installed misters that disperse a solution that stops mosquitoes right in their tracks. In addition, we have our mosquito spraying appointments to instantly address mosquitoes with our hands-on mosquito technicians.  For more information on mosquito control services in Atlanta, contact us today! 

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