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Tuxedo Mosquito Control Tuxedo Mosquito Control

It’s Almost Fall, But Mosquitoes Aren’t Gone Yet!

Mosquito on skin

With the first day of fall, mosquitoes are here to stay while the weather’s warm. Any bit of heat and moisture is sure to keep mosquitoes around to feast throughout fall, really. Mosquitoes just need the smallest amount of water to gestate. Your best bet to make sure you keep mosquitoes away is with a quality automated mosquito misting system. We provide quality automated mosquito misting systems in Atlanta and Charleston.

Keeping Mosquitoes Away is Easy

With Tuxedo Mosquito Control, keeping mosquitoes away is a piece of cake. Here’s how we do it. Our mosquito misting systems consist of two components: the tankless system controller and the nozzle circuit. These work together to automatically mix the concentrate of our all-natural insecticide, pyrethrum, and release a fine mist around the perimeter of your yard. When mosquitoes venture into the yard, the active mist kills the mosquitoes.

Control Mosquitoes With Your Smartphone

Setting the controls is quick and easy. In fact, you can even download the iMistAway app (iOS and Android) and program any changes from your smartphone. Once programmed for the correct number of sprays for your yard, the system functions on its own. We provide all the maintenance and are always available for help if you have questions. Contact Tuxedo Mosquito Control to combat mosquitoes on your Atlanta property, or at your business with our automated mosquito misting systems, today.

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