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David Maddox Discusses Mosquitoes On WSB-TV 2

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Georgia's been in a drought and mosquitoes in Atlanta are still thriving. Although mosquitoes breed in water, they only need less than a teaspoon of water to breed. Mosquito season is during the summertime when it’s warmer and more people are spending time outdoors. Be it a drought that stretches for months, or a drought that stretches for years, a drought does not deter mosquitoes. David Maddox, Owner of Tuxedo Mosquito Control, explains on WSB-TV 2 how mosquitoes remain prevalent throughout Georgia.

Mosquitoes Thrive During the Summer, Drought or Not

According to Maddox, simply using a watering can on plants gives enough water for a few mosquitoes to breed. What’s worse is the trays under potted plants where water collects. Mosquitoes thrive in standing water. Standing water can collect anywhere a sprinkler sprays, for sure. Take overturned trash can lids into consideration, for example. Mosquitoes particularly thrive at night, but they’re still active during the day. Shaded areas will have more mosquitoes. Most Georgia yards will have shaded areas with some standing water. That’s an especially fitting breeding ground for mosquitoes!

Zika Worries Still Prevalent

No locally-acquired cases in Georgia have been reported yet, but 48 cases of travel-related Zika have been reported by the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control. And, the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is the mosquito that is capable of carrying the Zika virus once it bites a Zika-infected host, is currently thriving in Georgia.

Mosquito Misting Systems Eliminate Mosquitoes

Mosquito misting systems are the most effective way to eliminate mosquitoes, and Tuxedo Mosquito Control provides high-quality mosquito misting systems in Atlanta. With a quality mosquito misting system, you can enjoy the outdoors anywhere and at any time of the year, be it mosquito season or not. Contact us today for more information.

“Mosquitoes are easy to get rid of if done in the proper way,” Maddox said.

Read more about mosquito problems in Atlanta and what Tuxedo Mosquito Control is doing to help, here: You can also explore our commercial misting systems or even our one-time event sprayings. We have every solution for every mosquito problem.

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