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Mosquitoes: A Guide To Identification, Prevention, And Control In Decatur


How To Identify The Different Types Of Mosquitoes

Decatur is home to many different species of mosquitoes, with three that are more cause for concernThe following list can help you to identify which problem mosquitoes are on your property:

  • Aedes "tiger" mosquitoes are small in size, only about 1/8 of an inch long, with black and white striped bodies and legs.
  • Anopheles mosquitoes are medium-sized, around 1/5 of an inch, and brown to black in color.
  • Culex mosquitoes are larger, ranging from 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch, and are mostly gray with iridescent scales.

To successfully rid your yard of mosquitoes, it also helps to know where they lay their eggs. Anopheles mosquitoes prefer laying their eggs in marshes, ponds, and swamps, while tigers and culex prefer stagnant water.

If you are having difficulty identifying the type of mosquito plaguing you, working with a local mosquito control service like Tuxedo Mosquito Control can help you identify and eradicate the specific species that is a problem for you.

The Multiple Issues A Mosquito Infestation Can Create

At best, mosquitoes are annoying and will inflict bites that turn into itchy red welts. They can make it hard to spend time outdoors and ruin a gathering when there is a large infestation of them. Because they breed so quickly, keeping mosquitoes out of your yard can be challenging.

There is a definite threat to having them on your property as well. A few diseases spread by mosquitoes can endanger your and your pet's health. Mosquitoes are vectors of disease, meaning they pick something up from one host and then spread it to another.

To protect your family from diseases like West Nile virus and encephalitis, team up with Tuxedo Mosquito Control to eliminate mosquitoes from your property.

Six Naturally Effective Mosquito Prevention Tips

You can do your part to help repel mosquitoes in your yard. Here are six natural ways to deter mosquitoes and prevent their bites:

  1. Remove any standing water on your property, including in bird baths, children's pools, toys, old tires, and other containers that may hold water.
  2. Keep a fan on during outdoor gatherings to help keep mosquitoes out of your yard; they are not strong fliers.
  3. Screen your windows and doors to prevent them from entering your home.
  4. Keep your gutters clear to prevent standing water that will attract mosquitoes.
  5. When outdoors, wear long sleeves and pants that are light in color.
  6. Keep your grass mowed; long grasses are resting places for mosquitoes.

Prevention can help in many ways, but if you continually get bites in your yard, it is time to call Tuxedo Mosquito Control. Our residential mosquito control services in Decatur will help you eradicate this pest from your property.

The Best Mosquito Control Solution For Decatur Properties

If you have tried everything to rid your yard of mosquitoes and they are still a problem, it is time to call the pros at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. Our mosquito technicians can inspect your property and will find the best solution for your home and yard. Call us today to request a free quote and learn more about our residential and commercial mosquito control services in Decatur. Our mosquito control services  will eliminate your mosquito problem and help keep your family and pets safe.

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Tuxedo Mosquito is the only company we have used to control mosquitos in our yard. The service person sprays our shrubs in the woods behind our home and every shrub and plant in our yard. To the best of our knowledge this is our 9th year using Tuxedo Mosquito. Their service is excellent!!

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