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Marietta's Handy Guide To Mosquito Bite Symptoms And Treatments

Mosquito on skin

Spending time out in your yard should be enjoyable. What makes outdoor time less enjoyable is the presence of mosquitoes! These local insects are a huge pain for families that want to enjoy their yards. Assuming that you are tired of walking outside and getting bitten by these pests, we have some helpful information for you today. Here is a quick and handy guide to mosquito control and how to avoid (and treat) mosquito-spread diseases in Marietta. Call Tuxedo Mosquito Control if you need direct assistance with these pests on your property. We offer excellent pest control in Marietta to help homeowners with these dangerous insects. 

How To Identify A Mosquito Bite

There are lots of pests that bite people in Marietta. Apart from actively seeing a bite occur, it can be hard to know what insect attacked you in the first place. Mosquito bites usually appear as small, red, and puffy bumps on the skin. These bumps often become itchy and stay this way for three to four days. If you have an allergy to mosquito bites, your symptoms might be different and include larger sections of redness around the wound, increased swelling at the site of the bite, and rash-like symptoms. Talk to your doctor to better understand your risk with these pests.

Warning Signs To Watch For When Bitten By A Mosquito

Living in America has many great benefits, one of which is our aggressiveness toward the spread of disease. We benefit from our access to advanced medicine and the CDC working hard to catch outbreaks before they grow out of control. However, it is still important that you keep an eye out for common symptoms of a mosquito-spread disease after a bite. These symptoms can include fever, headache, body aches, rash, swollen lymph nodes, stiffness, muscle weakness, and disorientation. If you start to experience more than one of these symptoms, contact your doctor. Most mosquito-spread diseases, including malaria, are easily treated if they are caught early. Even with this, it is best to avoid bites whenever possible. We have some methods that should help you with this today.

Tips To Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes While Out And About

As long as your home's exterior is properly sealed and you keep unscreened windows and doors closed, you shouldn't have to worry about mosquitoes in your home. What we want to focus on are methods to avoid bites while outdoors. Here are four great natural ways to repel mosquitoes when outside.

  1. Wear light-colored clothing so that you are less visible to these pests.
  2. Avoid areas like swampland and marshes, as mosquito populations are denser in these types of moist locations.
  3. Spend less time outdoors during dawn and dusk. This is when different types of mosquitoes are more active and more likely to bite.
  4. Apply a mosquito repellant to your body before going outdoors. There are natural and chemical-based options for this.

To enjoy time on your property without worrying about mosquitoes, consider investing in a year-round mosquito control plan. 

The Best Mosquito Control Solution For Your Yard

There is no way to guarantee that mosquitoes stay off your property. There are, however, methods to drastically reduce populations around your yard. For quick services to protect your property, turn to the professionals at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. We offer many great options to control these annoying and sometimes dangerous pests.

Call our team at Tuxedo Mosquito Control now if you have questions about our comprehensive mosquito control plans, and find a time to have your Marietta property treated for these pests. We offer free estimates and inspections.

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