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How Do I Naturally Prevent Mosquitoes Around My East Cobb Property?

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Mosquito control can be challenging for homeowners. It may seem like the only thing you can do is retreat indoors and wait for mosquito season to end. Luckily, there is a better way to get through and even enjoy mosquito season: professional pest control in East Cobb. 

Read on to learn about mosquitoes, natural ways to prevent them, and how Tuxedo Mosquito Control can help take your yard back from these pests.

What Role Do Mosquitoes Play In Our Environment?

Contrary to what you may believe, mosquitoes are not exclusively blood-drinking pests. Only female mosquitoes bite humans as they need the nutrients in blood to produce eggs and thus reproduce. When not providing for their eggs, mosquitoes function as pollinators because their primary source of food is nectar.

Mosquitoes are rarely a dominant pollinator, but there are some exceptions in which mosquitoes are the primary source of pollination, such as with the blunt-leaved bog orchid. Mosquitoes also function as an important part of the food web thanks to their prolific reproduction. They serve as food for spiders, bats, frogs, and many other forms of life that consume insects.

Is Every Mosquito Dangerous?

While it is true that less than half of the mosquito population at any given time will bite humans, the ones that do can be carriers of dangerous diseases. West Nile virus, encephalitis, and dengue are all spread by mosquitoes, but not every mosquito bite has a risk of these diseases. In the United States, contracting a disease from mosquito bites is not the most common occurrence.

The diseases carried by mosquitoes are more common in less developed countries where mosquitoes can more easily spread and overpopulate. That doesn't mean you should throw caution to the wind, as allergies and infections can change the rules. If you notice an unusual reaction, such as hives or throat swelling, seek medical attention immediately.

What Are Some Natural Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes Around My Yard?

While there's no do-it-yourself solution to a mosquito infestation, there are some ways you can prevent one. Here are a few natural ways that can help you prevent a mosquito infestation.

  • Add plants that deter mosquitoes to your garden, such as citronella, mint, lavender, and marigolds.
  • Use screens on doors and windows to keep mosquitoes from entering your home.
  • Eliminate mosquito breeding sites by removing sources of standing water. This can be any container or area that collects water.
  • Cut back excess vegetation and mow your lawn regularly. This will reduce shaded resting areas for mosquitoes.

Reducing the chances of a mosquito infestation is an effective way of preventing mosquito bites. However, there's only one guaranteed way to get rid of mosquitoes.

What's The Best Mosquito Control For My Yard?

The best mosquito control in East Cobb is provided by the professionals at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. We are a family-owned business dedicated to providing homeowners with relief from mosquitoes. Our team has a high level of training and experience, as well as top-of-the-line products and methods. When you work with us, you will receive an effective mosquito control solution and unbeatable customer service.

If you are tired of dealing with buzzing, biting mosquitoes in your backyard, give Tuxedo Mosquito Control a call today for a free inspection or estimate.

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