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Why Can't We Just Eradicate All The Mosquitoes In Dunwoody?


Mosquitoes Are Pollinators

Pollinating mosquitoes may not be the first pollinators that come to mind, but they actually play a vital role in pollination.

Some examples of the benefits provided by pollinating mosquitoes are:

  • The larvae of certain species feed on flower nectar as their primary source of food and pollinate flowers along the way. 
  • Some plants would struggle to survive and reproduce without pollinating mosquitoes. 
  • Pollinating mosquitoes have an important role in maintaining biodiversity and pollination of many different plants. 

To protect pollinating mosquitoes, it is essential to maintain healthy wetlands and other natural habitats. This will ensure the survival of pollinating mosquito species and promote a healthy environment for all pollinators. 

However, while they're essential to the overall ecosystem, that doesn't mean that they don't bring problems of their own.

Mosquitoes Are the Deadliest Animals In The World

Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals in the world, with an estimated 700 million people affected by mosquito-borne diseases every year in the U.S. Mosquito-borne diseases are caused by viruses and parasites that are transmitted through the bite of an infected female mosquito.

While these diseases are devastating to those affected by them, steps can be taken to reduce the risk of transmission. Mosquitoes are an important reminder of the need for finding ways to repel mosquitoes. By taking the time to understand the risks associated with mosquitoes, we are better equipped to make informed decisions about the best way to control mosquitoes near your Dunwoody home that can help keep us safe.

Are All Mosquitoes Bad?

Not all mosquitoes are bad - they can play an important role in the environment by helping to pollinate plants and provide food sources for other animals. However, they can also be a source of disease transmission which is why it is important to identify which species of mosquito are most likely to cause problems. By understanding which mosquitoes are bad, we can find ways to keep mosquitoes away and take the necessary steps to reduce their impact on human health.

Mosquitoes in Dunwoody provide a food source for some animals, such as bats and fish. They also help to break down organic matter in the environment, making them important decomposers. It is important to understand which species of mosquitoes are most likely to cause problems - typically those which bite humans and other mammals. 

The Eco-Friendly Way To Eradicate Mosquitoes In Your Yard

Tuxedo Mosquito Control offers many advantages over traditional methods of mosquito control. We use natural ingredients and processes that have been proven to be effective as ways to kill mosquitoes; Tuxedo also uses an innovative system to target only the areas where mosquitoes are present, ensuring that other beneficial insects are not affected. 

We are a family-owned business that was founded in 2003. We are members of the Georgia Pest Control Association and pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Tuxedo Mosquito Control is the ideal solution for eliminating mosquitoes in an eco-friendly way! Call us today, to learn more about our residential and commercial mosquito control services in Dunwoody and we'll get started on your mosquito problem. 

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Tuxedo Mosquito is the only company we have used to control mosquitos in our yard. The service person sprays our shrubs in the woods behind our home and every shrub and plant in our yard. To the best of our knowledge this is our 9th year using Tuxedo Mosquito. Their service is excellent!!

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