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What's The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From My Decatur Property?

Mosquito on skin

Why Do Mosquitoes Need Blood To Live?

It is a common misconception that mosquitoes need blood to live, but the truth is that they get energy from nectar and plant juices. Surprisingly, mosquitoes play a role in the ecosystem as pollinators, much like honeybees. 

Only female mosquitoes bite humans, and they bite because blood has the protein, iron, and amino acids necessary to stimulate egg production. Once a female mosquito consumes blood, egg production begins. Once the eggs are ready, the mosquito deposits them in stagnant water, where they hatch and enter the growth process until reaching maturity. So, when a mosquito bites, it is a female mosquito ready to begin egg production and needs your blood to start the process. 

If you are wondering if there is a correlation between mosquitoes and blood type, you are not alone. In 1972 a study was conducted to determine if mosquitoes have a preferred blood type, and according to the report, O-type blood is the preferred choice, and A-type blood is the least attractive to mosquitoes. However, what attracts mosquitoes is not your blood type but the amount of carbon dioxide your body produces, which explains why sweaty people are prime targets for mosquitoes! 

Are All Mosquito Bites Dangerous?

It may give you a sigh of relief to know that not all mosquito bites are harmful. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are 200 mosquito species in the United States, and only 12 types spread viruses and parasites that may make people sick. According to the CDC website, "Most types of mosquitoes in the United States are nuisance mosquitoes. These mosquitoes do not spread germs that make people sick." 

While the chances are that a bite from a mosquito will not make you sick, there is the possibility that a Decatur area mosquito might infect you with the following:

  • West Nile virus
  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya
  • Encephalitis
  • Tularemia 

Symptoms of these parasites and viruses transmitted by mosquitoes range from flu-like reactions to inflammation of the brain and spinal. If you experience these symptoms after receiving a mosquito bite, seek medical attention immediately. 

How Can I Prevent Mosquitoes Around My Property?

Most mosquito species do not travel further than 200 yards from their breeding grounds. So, if you take the following preventative actions, you can drastically reduce mosquito infestations on your Decatur property: 

  • Provide proper drainage for ditches and gutters.
  • Fill indentions where puddles form. 
  • Remove water collecting items (e.g., child swimming pools, large plant trays, old tires, bird baths)
  • Install sprinklers in nearby retention ponds.
  • Eliminate moisture-retaining leaf piles. 
  • Elevate firewood wood piles to allow for airflow.
  • Ensure that the condensation tray in the air conditioner is draining.
  • Prune trees and bushes to allow for maximum sunlight and airflow on the property. 

Stagnant water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes, so to get rid of mosquitoes, you need to keep your property as dry as possible.  

How Can I Get These Mosquitoes To Stay Away From My Property?

While these steps will prevent future infestations of mosquitoes on your Decatur property, they will not stop current breeding. The best thing to get rid of mosquitoes on your Decatur property is to use Tuxedo Mosquito Control. We specialize in mosquito control, and we are the only mosquito control company in Georgia that offers a tankless misting solution. Our highly-trained mosquito technicians will inspect your property, locate the breeding areas, and use environmentally safe and effective treatments to stop the mosquitoes. Contact us today for personalized service and a free quote. 

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