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The Many Factors That Attract Mosquitoes In Roswell And How To Keep Them Away

Mosquito on skin

Why Mosquitoes Bite People

Mosquitoes in Georgia bite people for one reason; egg production. Since only females produce eggs, they are the ones biting people. Both females and males eat nectar and plant juices for energy, but when the female is ready to create eggs, she looks for blood hosts. The blood she obtains from humans and animals supplies the protein, amino acids, and iron for egg production. Once the mosquito has the blood it needs, it will begin producing eggs.

The Many Factors That Attract Mosquitoes To People 

In the early 1970s, scientists sought to determine if there are blood types mosquitoes like. The research indicated that individuals with O-type blood were more likely to be bitten by a mosquito versus someone with A-type blood. According to the Journal of Biochemistry, about 80% of people secrete antigens identifying their blood type; this may be how mosquitoes identify their preferred blood types.

While blood type may have a role in the victims mosquitoes choose, these are the primary factors that draw mosquitoes to people: 

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): If you exercise outdoors or are heavily breathing from yard work, you are a flashing neon sign saying, "Blood available here!" to mosquitoes, like the Aedes aegypti species, that seem to target people. 
  • Body odor: As the mosquito flies toward the CO2, it encounters a cocktail of lactic acid, ketones, ammonia, and sulfides which may continue to attract or repel it. 
  • Body heat: As it gets closer to its host, the body heat of the host continues to guide it to its potential feeding ground. People hot from exercising or those with a larger body mass attract mosquitoes.
  • Body skin: Research suggests that body areas with large groups of microbes, like the ankles and feet, attract mosquitoes. Perhaps that is why mosquitos bite ankles.

In summary, heavy breathing, perspiration, body size, and high populations of microbes on the skin are factors that attract female mosquitoes. 

The Many Factors That Attract Mosquitoes To Properties

Since we know what attracts mosquitoes to people, it is helpful to understand that the following draws mosquitoes to our Roswell properties:

  • Pool covers 
  • Large puddles
  • Clogged gutters
  • Children's playsets
  • Poorly drained ditches
  • Leaf piles in shaded, moist areas
  • Stagnant water in ponds and retention ponds
  • Baby pools, bird baths, and non-draining plant saucers

Any object or area holding stagnant water is a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

Professional Assistance Is The Best Mosquito Management Solution

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes in the yard is to use our highly-trained mosquito technicians from Tuxedo Mosquito Control. Our mosquito technicians strategically place our automated, tankless misting system around properties to deliver timed insecticide doses around your property to provide you with constant protection. Contact us today and get your free quote. 

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