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What's The Best Way For Me To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Around My Decatur Yard?

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Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance when it comes to enjoying an evening out or getting a whole night of sleep without being bothered by their whine and painful bites, but they can also transmit dangerous diseases like malaria. If an infestation has taken over your property, it is essential to understand why we can’t eliminate all mosquitoes worldwide and how we can effectively reduce their numbers.

The following methods will help you get a hold of your mosquito population to enjoy being outside again and eliminate the risk of contracting life-threatening illnesses. If an infestation has taken over your property, Tuxedo Mosquito Control provides mosquito control in Decatur that you can rely on to get rid of mosquitoes safely and effectively.

Why Can't We Get Rid Of All The Mosquitoes In The World?

While a world without mosquitoes can seem like an attractive prospect, it would not be without consequences. Mosquitoes serve as an essential food source to predators such as bats and birds, and they can also act as pollinators just like honeybees, the population of which has been declining in recent years. For these reasons, mosquitoes play an important role in the ecosystem, and even if we could get rid of them for good, it might not end up being a good idea. Still, mosquitoes are not the pest you want in your yard because of their health risks.

How Often Is A Mosquito Bite Dangerous?

Mosquito bites are usually benign, causing a painful and itchy rash or localized bump at the biting site, which should go away within 24 hours. Unfortunately, that is not often the case.

Mosquitoes are vectors of many diseases, including Chagas disease, chikungunya fever, Dengue fever, malaria, St. Louis Encephalitis, Rift Valley fever, and more. Mosquitoes kill more people every year than any other insect across the world. Because of this, a mosquito infestation must be taken care of as soon as possible. Because mosquitoes reproduce prolifically, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to eradicate them.

How Can I Reduce The Number Of Mosquitoes In My Yard?

There are many ways to control mosquitoes in your yard, some more effective than others depending on your situation. Professional pest control can best advise you and recommend methods which might include:

  • Get rid of standing water on your property; this includes areas where rainwater might naturally pool up.
  • Man-made structures such as water fixtures and ponds require aeration.
  • Treat stagnant water you want to keep using chemicals or install water aerators.
  • Keep your lawn tidy, and your grass cut short to reduce natural habitat options for mosquitoes.
  • Consider planting herbs and flowers that keep mosquitoes away, such as peppermint, catnip, and lavender.
  • Ask a professional company for possible treatment and fogging options for your yard.

While using home remedies to keep mosquitoes away can be tempting, they often are no match for an entire-blown infestation. If mosquitoes have taken over your property, a professional pest control company can give you appropriate advice to control them safely and quickly. Call us at Tuxedo Mosquito Control today!

What's The Best Form Of Mosquito Control For My Atlanta Yard?

The best form of mosquito control for your Atlanta yard will depend on your unique situation. Because mosquitoes are a dangerous pest that reproduces quickly, it is crucial that you determine why your property attracted mosquitoes in the first place and what you can do to control the existing infestation.

If mosquitoes have taken over your yard, now is the time to learn how to control the infestation and prevent them from coming back. Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance when you are trying to enjoy time outdoors in the summer; they are also vectors of dangerous and potentially life-threatening diseases.

For recommendations on the best products to keep mosquitoes away and ways to prevent infestations reach out to our experts at Tuxedo Mosquito Control to guide you and make your mosquito problem a thing of the past.

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