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Mosquitoes in East Cobb: The Facts Vs. The Myths

Mosquito on skin

Mosquitoes are tiny insects with slender and elongated bodies. They have fragile legs, wings, and straw-like mouths. Although small and fragile, mosquitoes are known as the most dangerous animal in the world.

When mosquitoes bite, they leave an itchy bump behind, but they can also transmit dangerous and deadly diseases such as dengue, Zika, West Nile virus, malaria, and more. Even though they can affect people devastatingly, there is still a misconception and myth surrounding them.

As an East Cobb resident, you should know the truth about mosquitoes and what to do if large populations live on your property.

Mosquitoes And Biting

Mosquitoes are known for the itchy bites they leave behind. Let's look at the myths that surround mosquitoes and biting:

  • Myth: It is commonly believed that all mosquitoes bite.
  • Fact: Only female mosquitoes bite because they require proteins found in blood to reproduce. Males, on the other hand, consume plant nectar and honeydew, among other sweet liquids.
  • Myth: People with fair skin are more likely to be bitten.
  • Fact: People with fair skin tend to have a more obvious reaction making it seem like they get bitten more. Factors that affect mosquito preference for people include blood type; research shows they prefer O-type blood, sweat, CO2 emission, and alcohol consumption. To reduce the chances of being targeted by mosquitos, you should always shower and change your clothes before going outside if you have been sweating. Avoid drinking alcohol, especially beer, when outdoors.

East Cobb’s climate of high heat and humidity makes it the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are an inevitable part of living in Georgia in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to get bitten. While we’ll never truly be rid of mosquitoes, by taking the proper precautions and wearing effective mosquito repellents, you can minimize your risk of getting bitten.

Mosquitoes And Diseases

Mosquitoes are also known for spreading dangerous diseases. While this is true, there are nevertheless several misconceptions people have about the true danger mosquitoes pose. Here's a breakdown of the truths that surround the myths about mosquitoes and diseases:

  • Myth: All mosquitoes carry disease.
  • Fact: Only a small percentage of mosquitoes harbor dangerous diseases, and an even smaller percentage of those that do can be found in the United States. Also, only female mosquitoes are the ones that bite and transmit disease. However, this shouldn't minimize the risk that comes with large populations of mosquitoes living on your property.
  • Myth: Attracting bats to your property is an effective way to reduce mosquito populations. 
  • Fact: Mosquitoes make up a small percentage of a bat's diet, with bats preferring beetles, cicadas, and moths. However, natural predators like bats, spiders, and birds can provide a natural way to control mosquito populations on your property when used alongside other forms of mosquito control.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that mosquitoes carry a number of harmful diseases and that they are ultimately one of the most dangerous animals on earth due to the diseases they can spread to humans. Luckily for us living in the United States, we can rest assured that the diseases they spread are minimized due to our effective health care and mosquito management protocols. However, that doesn’t make their buzzing and biting any less annoying. For that reason, many people turn to professional pest control if they want to eliminate mosquitoes from their property for good. 

Mosquitoes And Professional Pest Control

From citronella candles to body sprays, there is a wide range of mosquito preventatives available in stores. These products lead many people to believe they are protected, but is this true?

  • Myth: I can take care of mosquito control on my own.
  • Fact: The best way to keep mosquito populations on your property down is with assistance from mosquito experts.

If you live in East Cobb, you should contact the mosquito control professionals of Tuxedo Mosquito Control. We offer services that specifically target mosquitoes during their most active time of the year, April to October. These services include:

  • Removing the factors that attract mosquitoes, such as standing water and excess foliage.
  • Using mosquito dunks in standing water to kill off larvae.
  • Applying a mist to the property to kill and discourage mosquitoes from nesting.
  • Using a granular application to make your property more toxic to mosquitoes. This treatment won't affect pets or children.

If you are tired of dealing with mosquitoes and want to get used out of your yard, contact us at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. We are the solution you need for a mosquito-free home.

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