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What You Should Know About Mosquito Bites In East Cobb

Mosquito on skin

It’s widely known that blood is critical to the survival of mosquitoes. If you’ve lived in East Cobb long, you’re probably no stranger to mosquito bites: after all, they’re almost inescapable in the spring, summer, and fall. 

That said, there are a number of interesting things most people may not know about mosquitoes, how they bite humans, and why. In this blog, we’ll take a deeper look into mosquitoes, why they bite, and how you as an East Cobb resident can minimize your risk for getting bitten this summer. With professional mosquito control in East Cobb, you’ll have a chance of defeating them.

What Happens When A Mosquito Bites You

Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite? This is because mosquitoes don’t actually feed on blood; on the contrary, female mosquitoes need to suck blood for the protein it contains, which they use to develop their eggs. Both male and female mosquitoes actually eat the nectar from flower nectar. So while blood is critical to the survival of mosquitoes as a whole, individual mosquitoes actually survive on nectar, the same as 

That said, the females of the mosquito species are always on the lookout for opportunities to munch on you. It’s hard keeping them away, especially when you can barely feel them on your skin. If you don’t take precautions against them, you’ll be covered in red and itchy bumps in no time. 

But what actually happens when you get bitten? The truth is that it’s not just fluids from your body going into the mosquito; some of the mosquito’s saliva goes into you, injecting it into your skin. Your skin will then experience symptoms based on your individual body’s reaction to the saliva. This is why people react to mosquito bites differently than others to bites. Most people will get red bumps and some itchiness, but some will be more severely affected, while others won’t have any apparent reaction.

Unfortunately, red bumps and itchiness aren’t the only problems mosquito saliva can bring. Mosquitoes absorb fluids from all the animals they come into contact with, and spread those fluids to every animal they come into contact with afterward - humans included. This is the key reason they are such prominent vectors for disease. 

Danger Signs To Watch For With a Mosquito Bite

Severe physical responses to mosquito bites include a low-grade fever, big swollen or red patches, enlarged lymph nodes, and hives. You may become ill following a mosquito encounter if the pest drinks the blood of an infected person or creature. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of these symptoms. 

Helpful Tips To Protect Yourself From Being Bitten By A Mosquito

Believe it or not, wearing clothes with dark colors can make it easier for a mosquito to find you. Try garments with a brighter shade. Some people enjoy alcoholic beverages, but the downside is that the matter will be released from your pores, and mosquitoes love the smell. While being outdoors at night can be pleasant, it can put you at risk for a mosquito bite. They are highly active at sunset. 

Other ways to repel mosquitoes include: 

  • Purchase essential oil candles and plant them strategically around your yard. 
  • Put out mosquito traps; clean them regularly.
  • Reduce standing water; be sure to dry pet drinking bowls and drain swimming areas. 
  • See to it that grass and greenery are trimmed frequently.
  • Keep your gutters clear and ensure they’re draining effectively.

Making a spray with water and basil or apple cider vinegar is a widespread technique, but it’s ineffective against a large infestation. “Do it yourself” methods are too mild. Commercial pesticides aren’t a lot better, given their toxicity. 

The Most Effective Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Home

Professional treatments from Tuxedo Mosquito Control are your best weapon for mosquitoes. Our safe and cost-friendly solutions, such as the MistAway Gen III+ misting system, offer the perfect solution to get rid of mosquito problems of any shape or size. Call us today for all the details!

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