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The Importance Of Quality Mosquito Control For Your Atlanta Yard

Mosquito on skin

Going after flying insects on your land is quite the endeavor. In many cases, you might be stung or bitten. Another complication is that there isn’t a way to capture them all at once. The biggest issue is that you can’t eliminate their habitat: the outdoors. Mosquitoes, in particular, are adamant nibblers that create red and itchy bumps when they bite. They also present numerous health risks. Combating them necessitates expert mosquito control in Atlanta.

Your well-being with mosquitoes in Atlanta is at stake because these pests go from animals to humans, drinking blood, which can lead to disease transmission. In this blog, our experts at Tuxedo Mosquito Control will give you more information so that you can know all the most effective ways to repel mosquitoes.

The Importance Of Mosquitoes To Our Environment  

Our environment relies on mosquitoes. They fertilize plants because they’re pollinators that eat nectar and carry pollen. They’re also beneficial because they’re considered a meal from other species: birds, fish, and other animals consume the bugs. 

Mosquitoes have unique looks, with their distinctive proboscis, delicate legs, tiny bodies (usually less than a third of an inch long), and wings adorned with scales. They need to suck blood to begin egg formation, which is why female mosquitoes bite you. The welts their bites cause usually swell and itch due to the allergies humans have to mosquito bites. 

Mosquitoes spend much of their lives in water. They are born into pools of stagnant water as eggs, before hatching into larvae. During their larval stage, they survive by eating up other waterborne organisms within their pools.

Water is an aid as well, in addition to being a requirement for overall sustenance. Larvae soak up the organisms. 

The Dangerous Diseases Mosquitoes Are Known To Spread

Not all mosquito bites cause diseases: sickness only occurs when the insects have swallowed the infected blood of a person or animal. However, since there’s no immediate sign of which bugs are tainted, you must be aware of those diseases and their symptoms: 

  • Yellow Fever: Kidney, liver, and heart defects 
  • Malaria: Chills and sweating 
  • Dengue: Rash, fever, and nausea
  • West Nile virus: Mild headaches and fever 
  • Zika virus: Muscle pain, fever, and rash   
  • Chikungunya: Fever and joint pain 

There are a number of ways mosquitoes could get into your home: your dwelling will be vulnerable to invasions by mosquitoes in Atlanta if doors and windows are left open. Cracks and crevices in your structure can also be a problem. Damp rooms that are dark and still will be their gathering zones—for instance, a basement, closet, or laundry room. Three’s an infestation if the insects keep showing up and you can’t get rid of bites.

The Hassles With Trying To Control Mosquitoes On Your Own

There are numerous problems that come with DIY mosquito control. For starters, mosquitoes are so ever-present around Atlanta that trying to deal with them on your own is always going to be an uphill battle; even if you eliminate some of them, it’s impossible to really eliminate all of them. 

To make matters worse, many DIY mosquito control and repellant tricks can be ineffective. Spraying a blend of water and basil can be very limited in its effect, despite this being a popular tactic for mosquito management. Apple cider vinegar isn’t any more substantial. At most, a couple of pests will die. Insecticides from retail merchants can be too powerful, killing vegetation or harming pets. Humans may have adverse reactions too.

Simply put, while there are numerous ways to repel mosquitoes using do-it-yourself methods, they’re generally expensive, ineffective, and potentially even hazardous. Most importantly, they’re never going to be as effective as a quality mosquito management program implemented by a professional mosquito control provider. 

The Benefits Of A Quality Mosquito Control Program For Your Yard 

To save money and time, trust us at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. We have cost-efficient and safe treatments for mosquitoes that are industrial-grade. Our tankless MistAway Gen III+ system is an automated misting device for your yard that mosquitoes won’t survive. We offer spray appointments at regular and one-time intervals, too. Receive a free quote when you call today!

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