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Are Mosquito Misting Services Worth It For My Roswell Yard?

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What Are Mosquito Misting Services? 

When a company offers misting services to get rid of mosquitoes, it usually involves a device that has to be installed. It will be strategically placed to target breeding areas and harborage points. Typical locations are the lawn perimeters, fences or gates, and on your home. Pesticide inside the unit is reduced to a very fine mist, to be automatically sprayed when scheduled. This can be activated with an internal preset timer, a switch, or remote. Many misting tools have nozzles attached to tubes filled with the treatment fluid.  

Once a mosquito infestation is apparent, you should seriously consider misting solutions. These bugs don't go away on their own. Blood is pivotal to their egg production, so they'll stay where they have plenty of access to it. Moreover, they feed on water and nectar. Standing pools and vegetation are in abundance outdoors. Given that your yard will be highly attractive to mosquitoes in Georgia, having some defense is crucial. 

Are Mosquito Misting Services Harmful To The Environment?

Quality pest control entities should make every effort to provide resources that won't harm the environment or plant life. It's even more important that human beings and domestic animals are protected. Misting systems are supposed to contain insecticides that pose minimal risk and are approved by state and federal agencies. 

The pesticides in a misting device are to exist in the air for a brief time to reduce long-term exposure. In the event of an accident or improper use, there will be hazards. It's wise to consult pest technicians and read all warning labels and instructions before starting a treatment. That way, you'll know how to respond if the unexpected occurs. Seek medical attention if you feel ill after having direct contact with or inadvertently inhaling misting substances.

Are Mosquito Misting Services Really Effective?

Misting systems are far better than commercial insecticides and home remedies to kill mosquitoes. Shelf goods and other independent techniques are more appropriate for surface-level issues and temporary use. They don't have the concentration to lessen or end an infestation. Further, their costs and dangers can be greater than professional options. 

Coupled with maintenance routines, misting units are effective. Some practices to keep up are mowing your grass and trimming greenery regularly, cleaning out your gutters routinely, and eliminating sitting water on your property. 

Who's The Best Mosquito Misting Service Company To Call?

Reach out to us at Tuxedo Mosquito Control if you want mosquitoes gone. We have a unique misting system called the MistAway Gen III+. It is tankless and automated. It works by dispensing two or three sprays of insecticide by itself per day. The doses are intentionally timed. This will form a barrier around your lawn and home. Soon, mosquitoes won't be a problem for you. Get a free quote when you call us today!

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