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Myths About Mosquito Control Everyone In East Cobb Should Know

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When it comes to mosquitoes, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Unfortunately, this only causes an infestation to worsen, as homeowners waste their money on treatments that may not adapt to their situation. If you are dealing with a mosquito problem, it is time that you learn why eating certain foods won’t keep mosquitoes away and understand why their bites can potentially be very dangerous. We will tell you why bug zappers are ineffective at eliminating mosquitos.

Regarding mosquito infestations, Tuxedo Mosquito Control provides mosquito control in East Cobb that you can rely on to exterminate them safely.

Myth: What You Eat Can Keep Mosquitoes Away

Some say that what you eat can keep mosquitoes away. Some of the recommended foods include garlic, onions, vinegar, lemongrass, peppers, and even some types of alcohol.

Unfortunately, this is a myth; some of these ingredients, like alcohol, were found to attract mosquitoes. Another myth is that mosquito bites are not dangerous. The truth is that the foods we eat rarely repel mosquitoes, but they are attracted to our natural scent and the carbon dioxide we exhale when we breathe. Another myth is that it is not necessary to keep mosquitoes out of the house because their bites aren't that dangerous.

Food won't help control mosquitoes, but Tuxedo Mosquito Control will!

Myth: Mosquito Bites Aren't That Dangerous

Surprisingly, some still believe that mosquito bites are not that dangerous, considering that mosquitoes cause more human deaths worldwide than literally any other kind of animal.

Some diseases that mosquitoes carry include the Zika virus, malaria, the West Nile virus, dengue fever, and more. Sadly, some diseases, like malaria and the West Nile virus, can be extremely dangerous, leading to hospitalization and even death. While some of those diseases are being transmitted less and less in developed countries, many of them are still an active problem. Another myth that needs busting is that bug zappers work to keep groups of mosquitoes away.

Tuxedo Mosquito Control can protect you against mosquito diseases.

Myth: Bug Zappers Work Against Keeping Mosquitoes Away

Bug zappers are one recommendation to try and keep mosquitoes away. Their UV light attracts various bugs to electrocute them, which sounds relatively eco-friendly and cost-effective. Unfortunately, mosquitoes and biting insects are rarely attracted to them, and they can end up killing types of insects that are important to a healthy ecosystem.

If you are struggling with a mosquito infestation, it is time to learn the best way to control mosquitoes and why a quality mosquito control program is a smart idea.

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Fact: A Quality Mosquito Control Program Is A Smart Idea

It is a fact that a quality mosquito control program is a smart idea and one of the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes. We offer top-rated automatic mosquito misting systems and the most effective mosquito spraying services at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. We can work with any situation, including homes with ponds, pools, or other sources of stagnant water. Our systems provide safe but effective doses of insecticides at strategic times and places to ensure that your mosquito problem is taken care of for good with close to no effort on your part.

Mosquitoes can make it impossible for you to enjoy spending time in your backyard, and they might even come inside to disrupt your sleep and inflict itchy, painful, and sometimes dangerous bites. Don’t let mosquitoes in Georgia take over your life, and contact us today to get a free quote and schedule a home inspection. We will then devise a treatment plan that fits your needs, whether long-term mosquito control or treatments for special events only. No matter your situation, we have a solution that will work for you.

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